Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide

“Window treatments add character and sophistication, with a little whimsy, to any room. There’s always room in the design budget for window treatments.”

We believe a room is never complete until the windows are dressed. Window coverings are not only practical, but they are a great way to refresh a room without making any structural changes or splurging on new furniture. Not every window is the same, which is why we offer custom curtains at a length that works for you. From choosing a fabric to installing the curtains, the process can be intimidating, yet the outcome is rewarding. Follow these simple installment steps to guide you through the process, start to finish. 

*Our curtain panels are made with a rod pocket. We do not have specific tabs for drapery hooks but many customers use these hooks to attach to rings. We’ve included the necessary steps to install our curtains with drapery hooks.*

Section I: Find your fit!


  1. Our curtain panels are 50” wide so we recommend purchasing one for windows 25” or less and two for windows 26-50” in width. If you plan on keeping the curtains open, opt for 2 panels for a more finished look. 

Rod placement

  1. Decide how long your curtain rod needs to be by measuring the width of the window. Hang the rod within the window frame or give the illusion of a larger window by extending the rod beyond the frame. We recommend adding 3-6 inches on each side.
  2. Your rod placement will inform the curtain length you choose. When in doubt, hang high. Add some height to your space by installing the curtain rod 4-6 inches above the window frame. If you are using drapery hooks, make sure the rod is high enough that the bottom of the rings are above the molding.


    1. To figure out the appropriate length, begin by measuring the distance between the rod and floor. Next, determine the draping style that is best for your space. For a clean look, the fabric should fall 1/2" above the floor (subtract 1/2" from your measurement) and for a puddling effect, add 4-6" to the rod to floor measurement.
    2. If you plan on hanging the curtains with hooks, take into account that the rings and hooks add length to your curtain. Use the distance between the rings and the floor as your measurement. 

    Section II: Install 

    Rod Pocket 

    1. Install the curtain rod at the height you noted above.
    2. Simply slide the rod into the curtain pocket.

    Drapery Hooks

    1. Install the curtain rod at the height you noted above.
    2. Insert the drapery hooks in the seam on the back of the panel. The sharp, pointed end goes into the fabric. The curved end goes on the drapery ring. Hooks should be placed approximately 4-6” apart. This will allow the curtain to fold nicely.
    3. Attach the hooks to the rings on the rod.

    Section III: Accessorize

    We’re obviously all about accessorizing! Add some extra oomph with decorative rods and tiebacks. 

    - LuxHoldups is our go to spot for all things lucite. We love the clean modern look their rods add to any room.  

    - For a classic look, Pottery Barn offers a variety of drapery rings and rods

    Looking for a different style curtain? We have a vetted list of upholsterers to help create your desired style using our fabric by the yard. Order our pattern swatches here to get up close and personal with the colors and designs.

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