5 Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper

Why not have a little fun with wallpaper? Whether used in small amounts (for example, on the ceiling or in a powder bath) or incorporated on all four walls of a room, printed papers never fail to make an impact. If you’re new to working with wallpaper and feel a bit intimidated by the trend, don’t fret—we spoke with interior designers who weighed in with plenty of helpful hints for covering those walls.


Have a Bit of Fun

Don’t shy away from a quirky print if you find one that speaks to you. The powder room is an excellent place to incorporate a pattern you wouldn’t normally choose, given that you can easily shut the door to section it off from the rest of the home. 

Design by Stallings Studio featuring Suzy Steel Wallpaper

Not sure how much wallpaper to purchase? We’re here to help with a simple calculator that will do the hard work for you.


Cover Your Bookcases

Add some zing to your built-ins with pretty paper. It’s totally fine to choose a solid colored option here, given that your books and decor will serve as the main attraction.

Design by Doors Interiors featuring Ginger Sand Wallpaper


Revamp a Piece of Furniture

Give an old table or wooden stool some new life with a fresh coat of paper. “One of our favorite ways of using extra wallpaper we may have leftover from a project is to cover a piece of furniture with it,” designer Leslie Martin says. “Grasscloth is an excellent choice for this, as it’s hardy enough to withstand a lot of use, but even a traditional paper can be used if then sealed properly,” she adds. 

Design by M+M Interior Design


Go Somewhere Unexpected

Yes, you can most definitely use wallpaper behind closed doors—it always makes for a fun surprise. “Some of the best ways to use wallpaper in unexpected ways are in closets and drawers,” designer Liz Caan says. “Sometimes I will use a floral in a guest bedroom and then a sweet ticking stripe in the closet.” Putting away clothes just got way more fun. Another fun place to add wallpaper? The fifth wall! Wallpapering the ceiling is unexpected and allows you to add a pattern without becoming a distraction to the other design elements in the room. 

Design by Kate Haynes Interiors featuring Eden Pink Wallpaper


Frame Your Fave Patterns

Wallpaper is so beautiful that even a small square of it can make a major impact in a space. So why not do just that and let a petite piece of wallpaper double as art? “Utilizing wallpaper as art is one of our favorite art hacks for younger homeowners who might not want to begin their art investment journey just yet,” designer Eneia White says. “We recommend working with a local framing showroom to select complementary frames and mats that further highlight the texture and colors in your wallpaper pattern.”

Ready to get started? Note that evaluating wallpaper swatches in person is a great way to determine just exactly which prints will look best in your home before making a major commitment. Grab a few of your top picks and go to town!