A Dash of Design,Direct to You

We started out as two friends wishing we could make our cramped West Village rentals feel more like home. That’s why we founded Pepper—because we believe in owning your home, whether or not your name is on the deed.

With our collection of custom pillows, curtains, table linens, wallpaper, and more, you get to create original pieces no one else has but everyone will want. Choose from exclusive prints, bold colors, and polished finishes, then bring them to life with the help of complimentary design resources that make the process easy-peasy and tons of fun.

And since Pepper is about bringing design to everyone, we’re not charging an arm and a leg. Our collection is sustainably made and attainably priced, with custom pieces starting at just $58. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Pepper Home's Founders, Kelsey and Erin, on top of a blue dresser with flower vase in front of Blue Ikat Striped Pattern Wallpaper and white curtains on the far left

Design Made Simple

We’re taking the confusion—and the markup—out of custom, bringing decor out of the showrooms and into your rooms in 10 days or less. And thanks to our host of free (!!) resources, we’re giving you access to design like never before, whether or not you’re already a designer.

Crafted to Last

Our designs are massively appealing without being mass market. Not only do we work with artists on all of our exclusive prints, but our manufacturing takes place right here in the USA. It’s no wonder nearly every Pepper product has a five-star rating.

Sustainable Style

Every single Pepper piece is made to order. This allows us to work sustainably, using digital printing and zero-waste manufacturing methods that keep our products in homes, not warehouses or landfills. It also reduces our environmental footprint and keeps our price points lower than traditional designers. Say hello to sustainable style.