Kristen Alpaugh of FLWR PSTL

Our latest obsession? Whimsical creations by LA-based florist, Kristen Alpaugh. Through her business, FLWR PSTL, Kristen creates one-of-a-kind arrangements that bridge fine art and floristry. Her botanical designs include everything from hand-dyed pampass grass to Swarovski crystals.

Curtain Measurement Guide

With our custom length curtains, we’re making it quick and easy to bring chic window treatments home. If you’re looking for some help finding the style and fit that’s best for you and your space, check out these useful tips and tricks!

The Best Bedroom Style


We styled three different bedroom looks around our Hockney pillows and the other chic decor pieces included in the giveaway we are currently running with Courant, Mitzi and Otherland. Stay tuned to see more!


The Poppy Pillow, Three Ways

First of all, we think that pink and red is one of the best—and most underrated—color combinations in the game. To prove our point, we styled three different rooms with three very different looks by using the bold and versatile Poppy pillow as our guide! 

Meet Pepper!

A Little Design Goes A Long Way—this is the mantra that defines our new home accessories brand, Pepper.