Fabric By The Yard

Fabric By The Yard

PIY (Pepper It Yourself) with patterns and colors by the yard.

Printed Cotton Fabric

Digitally printed in South Carolina, our 100% cotton is wonderfully versatile.

Solid Cotton & Linen


Solid Velvets

With over 120,000 double rubs, the luxe fabric offers extreme durability without sacrificing comfort.


Weave a tale of texture with embroidered linens.

Chenille Jacquard

A sumptuous blend of velvety chenille and woven jacquard.


These light and airy fabrics are designed to bring delicacy with a touch of texture.

Printed Linen Fabric

Made of 100% linen, this fabric brings a luxurious touch to any room while offering durability and texture.
  • Suzy Sand
    Beige Palm Printed Linen SwatchBeige Palm Linen Print
    Suzy Sand
    Printed Linen
  • Rosie
    Beige Animal Print Linen SwatchBeige Animal Linen Print
    Printed Linen
  • Suzy Sage
    Sage Green Palm Printed Linen SwatchSage Green Palm Linen Print
    Suzy Sage
    Printed Linen
  • Penelope Moss
    Green Floral Printed Linen SwatchGreen Floral Linen Print
    Penelope Moss
    Printed Linen
  • Frida Green
    Green Tiger Printed Linen SwatchGreen Tiger Linen Print
    Frida Green
    Printed Linen
  • Thatcher Midnight
    Art Deco Palm Pattern Printed Linen SwatchArt Deco Palm Pattern Linen Print
    Thatcher Midnight
    Printed Linen
  • Loomi Moss
    Moss Green Geometric Printed Linen SwatchMoss Green Geometric Linen Print
    Loomi Moss
    Printed Linen
  • Serena Sea Salt
    Blue & Green Floral Drop Repeat Printed Linen SwatchBlue & Green Floral Drop Repeat Linen Print
    Serena Sea Salt
    Printed Linen
  • Mirabella
    Powder Blue Abstract Printed Linen SwatchPowder Blue Abstract Linen Print
    Printed Linen
  • Suzy Sky
    Sky Blue Palm Printed Linen SwatchSky Blue Palm Linen Print
    Suzy Sky
    Printed Linen
  • Emma Sky
    Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Printed Linen SwatchLinen Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Print
    Emma Sky
    Printed Linen
  • Ginger
    Sky Blue Gingham Printed Linen SwatchSky Blue Gingham Linen Print
    Printed Linen
  • Thatcher Apricot
    Art Deco Palm Pattern Printed Linen SwatchArt Deco Palm Pattern Linen Print
    Thatcher Apricot
    Printed Linen
  • Georgia
    Cornflower Blue Floral Printed Linen SwatchCornflower Blue Floral Linen Print
    Printed Linen
  • Poppy
    Sky and Navy Blue Poppy Printed Linen SwatchSky and Navy Blue Poppy Print
    Printed Linen
  • Alice
    Blue Ikat Printed Heavyweight Linen SwatchBlue Ikat Printed Heavyweight Linen Wallpaper
    Printed Linen
  • Penelope Midnight
    Floral Navy Printed Linen SwatchFloral Navy Linen Print
    Penelope Midnight
    Printed Linen
  • Daphne Cream
    Cream Chinoiserie Printed Linen SwatchCream Chinoiserie Printed Linen Wallpaper
    Daphne Cream
    Printed Linen
  • Nellie
    Strawberry & Botanical Printed Linen SwatchStrawberry & Botanical Linen Print
    Printed Linen
  • Frida Pink
    Pink Chinoiserie Tiger Printed Linen SwatchPink Chinoiserie Tiger Linen Print
    Frida Pink
    Printed Linen
  • Thatcher Rose
    Pink Art Deco Palm Printed Linen SwatchPink Art Deco Palm Linen Print
    Thatcher Rose
    Printed Linen
  • Loomi Pink
    Pink Geometric Printed Linen SwatchPink Geometric Linen Print
    Loomi Pink
    Printed Linen
  • Serena Pink
    Pink & Burgundy Drop Repeat Floral Printed Linen SwatchPink & Burgundy Drop Repeat Floral Linen Print
    Serena Pink
    Printed Linen
  • Hockney Pink
    Pink Graphic Printed Linen SwatchPink Graphic Linen Print
    Hockney Pink
    Printed Linen

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