Shower Curtain Size Guide

Beautify your bathroom with a gorgeous shower curtain that’ll make you want to linger a little longer in the tub. Shower curtains come in different widths and lengths, and choosing the wrong size can result in a poor fit and a less than ideal shower experience. See below for the standard shower curtain sizes.

Measurements of a standard shower being 72” x 72”, an extra tall shower being 72” x  84”, an extra wide shower being 84” x 72”, and an extra wide + tall shower being 84” x 84”

While the sizes listed above are designed to fit most shower/tub combos, it’s important to measure your space to ensure the right fit. We created this helpful guide to walk you through the process.


Step 1: Choose Your Width

Measure your shower from wall to wall. Add 12” to the measurement to make sure the shower has a relaxed look when it’s closed. We offer 2 standard widths–72” and 84”. Choose the option closest to your wall measurement + 12”.


Step 2: Find Your Length

Measure the distance from the curtain rod to the floor. You don’t want your shower curtain hitting the floor so we suggest subtracting 8”-10” from the rod to floor measurement. This takes into account the rings used to hang the panel. 72” is the standard length for most shower curtains while 84” is the standard length for longer tubs and showers.


Step 3: Add A Liner + Accessorize 

Always protect your curtain with a liner. Choose a liner that is the same size or an inch or two smaller than your curtain. To hang the panel, we suggest using roller rings like this to ensure the curtain moves easily on the rod. The panel has a button-hole construction at the top to attach rings. A 72" panel has 12 button-holes and a 84" panel has 15 button-holes. Check out our Shower Curtain Hardware Edit for rod and liner suggestions!


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