Celebrating Sustainable Style

Blue ikat curtain panel under a sewing machine

At Pepper, we make it our mission to honor the planet at all times through our sustainable manufacturing. Here’s how we’re making the environment a priority all day, every day, as we work to offer high quality, thoughtfully produced merchandise to our customers.


We manufacture products in the United States.

We work with factories located not overseas, but all across the country, which prioritize craftsmanship as well as ethical labor practices. We place immense value on the fair treatment of workers and the clean facilities that these factories offer. Collaborating with United States-based factories also allows us to closely monitor the production process and maintain short lead times of seven days or less, all while reducing our shipping carbon footprint.

Stack of colorful custom pillow inserts and a chartreuse botanical fabric roll


Our products are made to order.

This means that we don’t run the risk of producing excess inventory, which is wasteful as it relates to both materials and human resources. This zero-waste approach allows us to keep our price points much lower than traditional bespoke offerings, while still maintaining quality. Rather, each Pepper product is custom-made for our customers to suit each individual’s liking. This small batch production keeps our pieces in homes, not in warehouses or landfills. One more perk? By eliminating unnecessary overhead costs, Pepper customers can enjoy lower price points than they may see elsewhere.

Green floral custom curtain panel getting measured by a worker and a photo of colorful piping options on individual rolls


Our pieces are made thoughtfully, using digital printing.

Digital printing is amazing for an array of reasons. The traditional processes of dyeing and printing textiles puts an immense strain on local ecosystems, and we’ve been able to mitigate this by reducing water and electricity consumption by going digital. Cotton that is printed traditionally requires dozens of liters of water per meter, and that water is often disseminated into local water systems, where chemicals and dyes pose risk to the surrounding environment. 

Rose chinoiserie wallpaper roll coming off of a printer

Digital printing isn’t just wonderful when it comes to textiles; it’s useful for producing offerings like wallpaper, too. Our wallpaper is digitally printed in the US using water-based inks on eco-friendly clay-coated paper, resulting in a chemical-free process.

Here at Pepper, creating thoughtful and sustainable practices is of the utmost importance. Prioritizing the areas of focus outlined above allows us to do our part in mitigating the wastefulness that often persists within the home decor industry, all while delivering top quality products to our customers.