Decorating with Small Scale Prints

 Nellie Bunk Room

Defining the phrase "pop of print," our small scale patterns are bound to make a statement in any space. We've gathered a few expert tips on how to incorporate these tiny but mighty patterns in your home. 


Always Mix the Scale of Your Prints 

Taylor Fusco, the founder of Tay Fusco Design, notes that her rule of thumb is to always combine prints of various scales together in a room. For example, an oversized check print would look excellent alongside a ditsy floral print, she notes. Sarah McCarty, the founder of Sarah McCarty Interiors, agrees, noting, “You want your patterns to work together rather than compete.” 


Green Dining Room


Spread Prints Around a Room 

That said, keep in mind that prints do not need to be positioned right up against each other in the room for this tactic to be successful. “Evenly distributing patterns around the room is less overwhelming on the eyes - and will make the whole room more interesting to look at,” McCarty says. She gives the example of pairing an area rug with a larger scale pattern alongside a throw pillows with a smaller scale pattern. When it comes to your walls, opt for a solid curtain fabric if you already have patterned wallpaper installed. “You can still add a fun patterned trim to them, though,” the designer says, citing Peppers’ rick rack trim as one possibility. 


neutral corner


Find an Anchor of Color

You’ll of course want your space to appear curated, not chaotic. “My general approach, whether tackling a wall of framed artwork or a room full of fabric and rugs, is to find an anchor of color,” explains Heather Garrett, the founder of Heather Garrett Design. “A tall stack of varying graphics can suddenly become cohesive if held together by color.” Think about the hues that most appeal to you and stick within that general color family—you can still do plenty of pattern mixing. Garrett adds, “A careful palette of pink and red—expressed through checks and florals and stripes and dots—can feel steady and sophisticated, while still fun!” 


girl with dog


Don’t Forget to Play with Different Textures

Finally, be mindful to weave in various textures into a space when working with prints and patterns. Jessicah Kolter, the founder of Jessicah Kolter Interior Design, says that in addition to following the ground rule of mixing together small and large scale prints, as highlighted above it’s also key to combine solids and textures. “We love mixing a small scale geometric with a large-scale bold graphic or organic lined pattern, and then mix in a velvet or woven texture for a soft transition between the two,” she says. “This will make for thoughtful and curated styling.”