Designing a Dreamy Primary Bedroom with Pepper and Artfully Walls

Whether you crave a neutral respite or are eager to jazz up your bedroom with color galore, you can creatively pair all kinds of Pepper Home textiles with Artfully Walls’s amazing framed art prints. We’re here to help you create the sleep space of your dreams, no matter your design style, and below, you’ll find four bedroom setups aimed to cater to a range of aesthetics. Find the one that speaks to you the most and add our shopping picks to your cart!


Bedroom 1: Blue and White Bliss 

Your style leans grandmillennial and classic, and you crave a calming and traditional sleep environment with floral influences. Start out by laying down Pepper’s Suzy Steel Oushak rug in the size of your choosing. This blue and white patterned palm and scallop design is cheerful yet not overwhelming. Dress up your windows with Pepper’s Flour Custom Curtains; personalize the plain white style a bit by incorporating a sky velvet band. Continue the color scheme with a few of Pepper’s Sky Velvet Custom Pillows on the bed. Above, hang an Artfully Walls print—James Zamora’s “Peonies in a Ceramic Vase”—which you can order pre-framed. The simple white wood frame is the perfect complement for this piece and will ensure that it coordinates beautifully with the textiles present in the space.

Blue and white design moodboard with steel art deco rug paired with white custom curtains, floral artwork in a blue vase and blue velvet pillow 


Bedroom 2: It’s Eclectic!

You live for the whimsy of it all and crave a bedroom that reflects your bold, eclectic taste. Since you’re not afraid to go all in with pattern and double up on your favorite designs, pair Pepper’s Loomi Moss Oushak alongside Sky Velvet Custom Curtains with the Loomi Moss Band. Design an eye-catching gallery wall complete with a mix of textual and abstract pieces from Artfully Walls containing various blues and greens that complement the Loomi Moss design. Start with “The World is Full of Magic Things” by Virginia Chamlee, then incorporate Evgeny Vetrov’s “Cactus,” Raquel Silva’s “Girl on a Swing,” Rankin Willard’s “Gatsby’s Pool Party,” and Annie Cecilie Iverson’s “White Tulips.” Vary print sizes, but keep a busier room cohesive looking by sticking to one frame style—the white metal frame is contemporary and sleek.

Blue and green design style guide with green geometric rug and sky blue velvet custom curtains and green artwork


Bedroom 3: Neutral Haven

You view your bedroom as a soothing space in which to unwind and recharge. You’re not opposed to outfitting your oasis with pattern, but you prefer to stay away from bold colors and gravitate toward softer hues instead. Pair together Pepper’s Emma Sand Clay Coated Wallpaper and Emma Sand Custom Curtains, and draw from these colors by placing a couple of Pepper’s Oat Custom Pillows on the bed and top off the look with a Snow Custom bolster or lumbar pillow.  While neutral is the name of the game here, art is still key in making a bedroom feel more complete. Choose from one of the following framed prints (Karolina Szekely’s “Abstract Textures No. 21” or “Abstract Forms No. 20”) to hang above the bed—you can place another over the dresser, if you wish. We suggest opting for the black wood frame for a simple, minimal look with a tiny bit of edge.

Neutral bedroom style guide with beige botanical stripe wallpaper and custom curtains and light brown pillow paired with natural white bolster pillow and cream artwork with black frames 


Bedroom 4: City Chic

You crave a sleep space that fuses traditional design with contemporary influences and is equal parts romantic and moody. Go all in with a sophisticated bedroom setup that pairs bold blacks and whites with rich reds and touches of gold. To kick things off, cover your walls with Pepper’s Ginger Black Clay Coated Wallpaper, then bring the drama with Pepper’s Cosmo Velvet Custom Curtains with a cream tassel trim. Then, get to work building out a grouping of “cool girl” art, housed inside black and gold frames for an elegant touch. Some of our favorite pieces for this space include Frederic Belaubre’s “January Sketch,” Claire Wheeldon’s “Paint a Rumour,” Susannah Carson’s “Pearl the Staffordshire Spaniel,” and James Zamora’s “Red and Pink Floral Study” (an original work!). Sit back and let the compliments roll in.

Romantic and moody style guide with black gingham wallpaper and coral velvet custom curtains paired with black, white and gold artwork