Decorating With Pink

Love the color pink? By all means, don’t be shy about incorporating it into your home! We asked designers for their top tips on how to decorate with this peppy yet somewhat polarizing color. Read on for their go to suggestions below. 


Use Pink All Throughout The House

Pictured here: Thatcher Rose curtain with Snow pom pom trim. Design by House of Prim

“Pink tones don't have to be relegated to a child's room or nursery,” notes Liz Godwin of Elizabeth Godwin Interiors. You should feel free to integrate pink into your home anywhere you please. “There are a lot of ways to incorporate pink in a more sophisticated way,” Godwin adds. “I like to start with a neutral base and then add soft pink accents that can really accentuate the color and create a soft sophistication.” 

Pictured here: Harper euro sham piped in Raspberry and 22" Rose Velvet piped in Raspberry 


Try Some Textured Pink

We see a lot of textured fabrics in neutral hues, but why not try a pink variation? “Pink tones in a textural fabric such as tweed or velvet can add a great additional dimension to a space,” Godwin says. Dominique DeLaney of Dominique DeLaney Interior Design agrees, noting, “When decorating with pink I prefer to keep things sophisticated by using a tone on tone color palette and incorporating lots of varying textures and natural materials.” 

Pictured here: Rose Velvet curtain with Olive pom pom trim and 20" Nellie piped in Fern


Pair Pink With Other Colors

If you’re looking to pair pink with a mix of other shades, Godwin offers a helpful tip/ “While there are a lot of pink variations, I personally think a pale pink tone is the best to use in conjunction with other colors,” She says. “Pepper’s Thatcher Rose and Daphne Rose both have additional colors in their designs and lend themselves easily to a multicolor scheme.”

Pictured here: 22" Penelope Rose, Daphne Powder lumbar, Marina Lemon euro sham

What colors look best with pink? Lindsay Speace of Lindsay Speace Interiors is a proponent of going a bit bold and moody. “Consider pairing it with chocolate brown or even red for an unexpected pairing,” she says. “I would add a pair of pillows in Frida Pink to a brown velvet sofa. A gathered shade made from Hockney Pink fabric would look fabulous on a red glazed ceramic lamp.” 


Or Treat Pink As A Neutral

Why shouldn't you incorporate the color pink throughout your home as casually as you would a simple white or gray? “For walls, I love to treat pink as a neutral,” says Courtney Mullen of Courtney Mullen Interiors. “Rather than decorating with a white or a beige, a soft pink or blush tone adds a bit more flair and interest to a space.” Mullen envisions starting out with our Ginger Rose wallpaper. “It’s the perfect print to decorate your walls without seeming too busy,” she says. “Its small scale pattern allows you to add in more vibrant layers by pulling in colors that complement the wallpaper—olive greens, deeper magenta pinks, and pale blues.”

Pictured here: Ginger Rose Wallpaper

Then, Mullen would add a pillow in our Thatcher Midnight fabric. “It's playful and adds a pop of color,” she notes. “I'd pair it with a Cosmo Velvet pillow with moss green piping to add a bit of texture and warmth to the space.” 


Start Small

Keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to add a pop of pink to your space without going all in. As DeLaney suggests, “If you are leery, start small by incorporating pink hues in artwork or a statement piece such as a lamp or a beautiful vase.”

Pictured here: Georgia curtains with Snow pom pom trim, Pear Velvet pillow piped in Sky, Lee pillow piped in Sky


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