Fabric FAQS

Neutral and green interior design moodboard with beige animal print cotton fabric, green floral fabric, beige palm fabric and green velvet trim

See below for what customers are asking about our fabric!


What is the difference between the fabric materials?

Printed Cotton

This 100 percent cotton fabric is digitally printed in South Carolina and is extremely versatile in nature. Use it to create pillows, drapery, lampshades, and for light upholstery. Maybe your dining chairs have been begging for a bit of a facelift or you’re eager to create some valances for a nursery—our printed cotton is an excellent pick and is bound to make your space shine.

Printed Heavyweight Linen

Our heavyweight, 100 percent linen fabric brings a luxurious touch to any room while offering durability and texture. This fabric is an excellent choice for upholstery, drapery, and pillows that can withstand everyday use. Scoop some up for your next sofa or armchair project or design dazzling throw pillows that will make a statement. 

Embroidered Fabric
Our embroidered fabrics boast intricate designs stitched onto the surface, weaving a tale of texture that adds a touch of sophistication and charm. Ideal for pillows, drapery, lampshades and light upholstery.
Chenille Jacquard
This luxe fabric features a sumptuous blend of velvety chenille and woven jacquard. With over 36,000 double rubs, it’s perfect for upholstery, pillows, and drapery.


Solid Cotton And Linen

Featuring a mix of cottons and linen-cotton blends, these upholstery-grade fabrics are a go-to for elevated elegance. They’re available in an array of colors to suit any style, so the options are aplenty, no matter your aesthetic. 

Solid Velvet

Velvet fabric couldn’t be more glam or elegant. Our solid velvets are soft to the touch and add a textured, timeless look to your home. With over 120,000 double rubs, the luxe fabric offers extreme durability without sacrificing comfort. It’s truly the best of both worlds!


Can I order a fabric swatch before purchasing yardage?

Yes! You can purchase fabric swatches here. 


How big are the fabric swatches?

Fabric swatches are 6" x 6".


Do you offer custom colors for fabric?

Yes! We offer custom colors in our heavyweight linen only. There is a $250 fee for a custom colorway and strike off. It takes 3-5 weeks to ship the strike off. Once approved, it will take 2 weeks to make. Interested in a custom color? Email us at hello@pepper-home.com for more information.


Which fabric material is suitable for upholstery?

Our heavyweight linen is an excellent choice for upholstery as well as our solid cottons and linens. With over 120,000 double rubs, our velvet fabrics also offer extreme durability that can withstand everyday use. Check out our Fabric Guide for more information on our fabric offerings!