How To Decorate a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Nursery room with with a cream armchair with a crib on one side and an illuminated window in the other styled with Sky Blue Custom Curtains

One of the most popular themes for baby nurseries this year is a gender-neutral aesthetic. Decorating your little one’s nursery is all about creating a space that will be calming and soothing, and using a gender-neutral color palette and design scheme is the perfect way to give your baby the ultimate feeling of relaxation. 

If you have a new baby on the way and are looking for some unique gender-neutral nursery decor ideas, we have expert advice available for you. Whether you want to create a boho-inspired look, a minimalist modern nursery, or something in between, you are in the right place. 

Read on to learn the top tips and tricks about how to decorate a gender-neutral nursery for your little one. 

10 Decorating Tips for a Gender-Neutral Nursery

After you have chosen the perfect room in your home for your child’s new nursery, it’s time to start decorating. To create a stylish gender-neutral nursery, forget the classic pink and blue and instead opt for neutral colors and designs. 

This will help give your nursery a light and lovely look and feel that will be pleasing to the eye and comforting for your baby. Continue reading to discover the top 10 decorating tips for creating a gender-neutral nursery.

Paint the Walls in a Neutral Color

Nursery room corner with white couch with a Navy Brushstokes Pattern Custom Lumbar Pillow next to a window with Art Deco Palm Pattern Custom Curtains

The first step to complete when designing a gender-neutral nursery is to paint the walls in a neutral color. You can choose from colors such as taupe, white, brown, beige, or gray. 

Painting all of the walls in your nursery the same color will help to provide a symmetrical look and a blank canvas feel that you can elevate with a mix of accessories and elegant wall decor along the way.

Add a Wallpaper Accent Wall for a Pop of Color

If you want to add a touch of color to your newborn’s nursery while still keeping the light and airy feel, choose a soft neutral shade in a coordinating color scheme. For instance, you can add a wallpaper accent wall to give your gender-neutral nursery a gorgeous pop of color that everyone will enjoy.

Our whimsical Penelope Pistachio Wallpaper is the perfect print to use as an accent wall in your gender-neutral nursery. This gorgeous wallpaper’s hand-painted palms give its playful design a classic spin. The hues of light green will match almost any palette, making these colors a wonderful choice for a subtle standout in your child’s nursery.

Small bursts of color like a stunning accent wall in your baby’s room can help to actively encourage learning and will bring your gender-neutral nursery to life. 

Our Wallpaper Calculator can help you purchase the perfect amount to cover your accent wall without any guesswork involved.

Choose a Soothing Color Scheme

A soothing color scheme will help create a relaxing environment in this special new room so your baby can feel calm before bedtime.

In order to create a soothing color scheme for your baby’s gender-neutral nursery, try to select soft neutral colors that will complement one another. For example, a color palette made up of creamy white, beige, rose, sage, or lilac is a sophisticated option that will give a classic look and feel to your baby’s new nursery.

Here at Pepper Home, we create stunning custom colors that will fit every design style. If you can’t decide which print will look best in your neutral space, you can bring the beauty straight to your home by ordering a wallpaper swatch

Our hand-painted patterns are digitally printed with water-based inks and are sure to bring instant elegance to your newborn’s nursery.

Talk to a Nursery Design Expert

Pregnant brunette woman wearing a long blue dress holding her stomach in front of window styled with natural white custom curtains

When you are in the process of decorating your little one’s nursery, it’s important to create a space that is beautiful and functional. Talking directly to a nursery design expert is a great way to make your vision truly come to life. 

If you are looking to create an Instagram-worthy gender-neutral nursery and need some help, Pepper Home’s in-house design experts are here to help. We offer Complimentary Design Assistance and are available to provide resources to assist with all of your decorating needs.

Create Your Own Minimalist Wall Art

If you want to add a personal touch to your baby’s new room, you can do this by creating your own minimalist wall art. Minimalist wall art comes in a variety of forms but is all about simplicity and beauty. 

One popular way to do this is by creating a stunning wall gallery above your baby’s crib featuring ocean creatures, jungle animals, or charming children’s prints. Place each print in its own frame, and arrange them in an orderly fashion that is symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to create a minimalist wall art design with a modern twist, you can order a custom neon or wooden name sign featuring your baby’s first name. This will give your baby’s gender-neutral nursery a sleek, modern look and will look perfect in the middle of your baby’s accent wall. 

Our Spice Market and Style Guides can help you find unique pieces and statement furniture items to help your baby’s room feel like home.

Add Color With Pastel Curtains

Another key way to add color to your little one’s gender-neutral nursery is to use pastel curtains. Our Nursery Collection is filled with pastel colors and bold prints that are universally appealing. 

We recommend our Emma Lavender Curtain to add an element of surprise to your gender-neutral nursery. This charming design pairs a soft lavender palette with a subtle, abstract botanical stripe design, making it the perfect fit for a pastel-inspired gender-neutral nursery.

You can even mix and match Pepper Home’s custom designs for the ultimate chic look for your nursery. For example, you can create a pastel, nature-inspired accent wall in your baby’s room with our Blake Moss Wallpaper paired with our Loomi Moss Curtain to create a gender-neutral look with exquisite cohesion. 

Our perfect pairs on each product page can help you choose a curtain and wallpaper duo that seamlessly complements one another.

Our Curtain Calculator will ensure you purchase the correct curtain length and width for your space, while our installment guide can help you easily put up your curtains no matter which of our various construction options (rod pocket, grommet, ring top, tailored pleat, and pinch pleat) you choose.

Use Wicker Bins for Stuffed Animals and Toys

When it comes to selecting the right storage containers for your newborn’s gender-neutral nursery, using wicker bins for all of your little one’s stuffed animals and toys is a great option. Wicker storage baskets are a wonderful choice for keeping your baby’s room organized yet stylish.

Restore Vintage Nursery Furniture

If you are up for a creative project or are interested in hiring an expert to help you create more one-of-a-kind pieces for your space, restoring vintage furniture is a wonderful way to give your entire nursery a charming, gender-neutral look and feel. You can restore a vintage crib for your little one to sleep in or find a beautiful antique mirror to hang on the wall to add a classic and elegant element to your space.

Add a Natural Wood Armchair for Reading

Incorporating a cozy reading nook into your baby’s nursery is a wonderful way to encourage learning in this new space. In your child’s reading area, you can hang a small floating bookshelf on the wall, filled with some of your tiny tot’s favorite stories. 

You can also place a cozy rug on the floor in case your baby ever needs to take a reading break for some tummy time

To complete this area, add a natural wood armchair for you to sit in while you hold your little one and read them a story. This way, you can cradle your baby as you read and feel completely relaxed as you enjoy this important time of bonding.

Use Throw Pillows as Accent Pieces

In order to make your newborn’s gender-neutral nursery truly feel like a luxurious oasis, you can use throw pillows as beautiful accent pieces throughout the room. You can place a pair of soft throw pillows in your rocker or armchair, or you can place them on a loveseat. 

One of the wonderful reasons people enjoy using throw pillows as accent pieces is that you can change them out periodically to highlight different seasons or to just add a new pop of color to your baby’s nursery. Having this type of design flexibility is one of the many reasons why so many new parents are choosing to decorate their little one’s nursery with a gender-neutral theme. 

At Pepper Home, our custom throw pillows come in countless combinations of print, size, and piping. You can even mix and match your favorite designs to create a sophisticated look that everyone will appreciate. Our pillows — much like our curtains — are sustainably made in the U.S.A. and ship in only seven business days, so your little one can experience comfort and style in no time at all.

A Perfect Nursery for Any Little One

All in all, decorating a gender-neutral nursery is all about being creative with your design style and choosing a color palette that will be soothing for your baby. 

We hope that you enjoy the process of creating the perfect nursery for your little one and that you and your sweet pea make heartfelt memories together in this special room for many months and years to come.



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