How Are Pillows Made? A Step-by-Step Guide

How Are Pillows Made? A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding custom pillows to your home can instantly add elegance to any room and easily spice up your space. Pepper Home’s custom pillows are sustainably made-to-order in the United States, and they’re shipped straight to your doorstep in only seven days.

Whether you’re shopping for a new loveseat, your bed, or your favorite armchair, custom accent pillows can help make your home feel warm and inviting while adding a unique flair to your decor.

If you are looking to design new pillows but want to learn more about how pillows are made, Pepper Home is here to help. Read on to discover our step-by-step guide on how pillows are made and how to select the best custom pillows for your home.

Making High-Quality Pillows: How Does It Work?

High-quality pillows are made using a two-step process: designing and stuffing. 

Step One: Creating the Pillow Covering

Step one is all about crafting the perfect pillow covering. All of our fabrics are hand-painted patterns designed exclusively for Pepper. Taking your fabrication, piping, and size decisions into consideration, we craft a custom pillow covering that exactly matches your unique needs.

Step Two: Stuffing the Pillows

The second step of the process involves stuffing the pillows. When you design a custom pillow with Pepper Home, we provide the option to purchase a pillow insert. Pepper Home uses a plush blend of duck feathers and down fill for the best touch and feel. 

To complete your custom pillow creation, simply place the pillow insert of your choosing into your pillow covering. Now, your custom pillow is ready to be enjoyed.

What Features Should I Look for in a Pillow?

How Are Pillows Made? A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are looking for the perfect throw pillow, we have everything you need. There are several key features to keep in mind during your search. 

Comfortable Pillow Cover Fabrics

Add a touch of texture to your space by choosing a covering made of a soft material, like rich velvet, light linen, or comfy cotton. You can even create seasonal pillows to rotate throughout the year. Velvet fabrics are perfect for chilly fall and winter weather, while linen is a long-time summer staple.

Meanwhile, cotton pillow covers are a wonderful choice in any season. Cotton pillow covers are soft, durable, and easy to wash. Simply machine wash your covers in cold water using the delicate setting.

The right decorative pillow will have a premium fabric that matches the aesthetic of the other furniture in your home. Use our Fabric Swatches to see how our designs look with your existing decor, and take the guesswork out of custom pillow design.


Sustainable style is key when it comes to choosing products for your home. At Pepper Home, all of our custom pillows are made-to-order, which allows our team to use zero-waste manufacturing methods and digital printing. 

Our sustainable workroom uses ethical labor practices and clean facilities when crafting your custom pillows. This helps to reduce our environmental footprint while also keeping our costs accessible for our clientele by eliminating unnecessary overhead costs. 

Made in the U.S.

Here at Pepper Home, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products that are crafted to last. All of our products are sustainably made in the U.S., and our custom pillows and curtains ship just seven days after your order is placed. This means the custom pillows of your dreams will become a reality quickly, sustainably, and mindfully. 

Our U.S.-based factory prioritizes craftsmanship, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest-quality products while minimizing your environmental footprint. 


Customized pillows are truly the crème de la crème when it comes to home design, as you can personalize your pillow to make sure that it will suit all of your needs. 

At Pepper Home, each of our pillows comes with the option to add colorful piping around the edge of your pillow. You can also choose to include a feather down insert to give your pillow the perfect consistency and even more support

For your pillow piping, simply choose which color or design you like best, and see your creation come to life. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out our Style Guides for design collections to suit any taste. 

We also offer Complimentary Design Assistance for all projects, from a complete room refresh to Instagram-worthy pillowscapes. Just email, and we’ll respond to your query within two business days.

What Are the Different Types of Pillow Filling?

How Are Pillows Made? A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to the different types of pillow filling, there are three main options for most premium pillows. Read on to explore each type of pillow filling and to learn about which combination may be right for you.

Down Pillow Filling

Down pillows are usually filled with soft fibers from the underside of a duck or goose. Down pillow filling is typically fluffy and comes in spherical clusters that are perfect for stuffing a luxurious pillow or cozy jacket. 

Down filling is known for its natural softness and durability, making it a wonderful choice when it comes to pillow stuffing.

Duck Feather Pillow Filling

Duck feather pillow filling is a premium pillow stuffing that is perfect for adding just the right amount of firmness and comfort to the pillows in your home. 

Most duck feather pillows use light and fluffy feathers from the duck’s wings and back. Pillows with a duck feather filling are also very insulating, which makes them a wonderful choice for adding to your bed or on your sofa. 

Having a pillow made with high-quality materials like duck feather filling can also help to support your back and posture if used correctly in a chair or on your loveseat.

Which Filling Is Best for Pillows?

Now that you have learned about the different types of pillow fillings, you may be wondering which filling is the best. Instead of choosing between these two comfortable options, we recommend a combination of both.

Pepper Home pillows use a mixture of 95% duck feather and 5% down filling, which will give you the perfect amount of firmness and coziness.

Find the Best Pillows for Your Home

To find the best pillows for your home, first, make sure that you choose pillows that are made of high-quality materials. After designing a custom pillow perfect for your home, you’ll want to ensure your creation will last.

Whether you are looking for accent pillows that are timeless and neutral or a pair of pillows with a print that you love, our custom pillows come in a variety of combinations that you can mix and match to create the perfect look in your home. 

Our pillows come in several sizes, giving you plenty of options for filling every space. You can choose from anything from a classic square pillow to an elongated lumbar pillow, which offers great support while you are sitting down or lounging in bed.

You can even use our Pillow Size Guide to walk you through the pillow selection process and ensure that you choose the best pillows for each room in your home.

Once you have chosen your favorite base-size pillow, you can think about adding complementary sizes and designs to mix and match for a stylish look. For a standard sofa, five pillows may fit best. For a chair, one to two accent pillows will give you a classic and effortless look.

After you have selected the right pillows for your space, our team will make your custom pillows to your liking and ship them to you in seven days or less.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our step-by-step guide to the pillow-making process. Remember to keep all of these tips in mind when shopping for the perfect pillow in the future, and you will be sure to love your new collection of custom pillows for your home.


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