How To Perfectly Style Your Bed

Determining how to properly style a bed can be tricky—how many pillows do you need depending on if your bed is a twin, queen, or king? What pillow sizes are the most optimal to include? To help you put together a magazine-worthy bed at home, we spoke with interior designers who chimed in with a few of their go-to tips.


Start With Euro Shams

Looking to hide those sleeping pillows during the daytime? Designer Sarah Brannon recommends placing a Euro sham, which measures 26 by 26 inches, in front of your traditional bed pillows. Use one Euro on a twin bed, two on a queen, and three on a king. Next, incorporate a second layer: using either a bolster, an extra large lumbar, or a smaller scaled decorative pillow, Brannon suggests. A 20 by 20 inch piece is an excellent choice, and you can use one for a twin, full, or queen and two for a king-sized bed. 

Feeling bold? For a more maximalist look, consider adding a layer of standard shams between the Euro and the second, decorative layer that Brannon referenced above. “This offers options to play with various prints and colors, and also allows for a monogram moment if the client likes that look,” she explains.


Play With Pattern

…And speaking of prints and colors, don’t forget to have fun with patterns when styling your pillows! If you choose a solid Euro print, include a patterned decorative pillow, or vice versa, Brannon notes. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, either. Velvet + cotton = a major win!

Design by M+M Interior Design

Having trouble narrowing down which pattern may suit your space best or just need to take a glimpse at a print before making a commitment? Our six by six inch fabric swatches are available for order and will allow you to try before you buy!


But Stay Cohesive

While pattern play is a welcome touch to any bed, you’ll want to maintain overall cohesion by selecting pillows with colors that match the rest of your bedding. If you have a white duvet with colored piping, use that to guide your pillow selection. And if you go with patterned pillows, opt for a solid colored duvet to keep things from looking too busy. Your bedroom should be a serene escape, after all. 

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Developing your understanding of size, color or pattern, and layout makes styling a dreamy bed as easy as 1, 2, 3. Now bring on the pillow shopping!