Meet The Maker - Ashley Begley

Blond woman in a colorful pink top in front of a dark green background

Meet Ashley Begley! She's the artist behind the winged and whimsical motifs in our Wildflower Waltz collection. We first got introduced to Ashley after Ellie worked with her on her wedding suite in 2020. We immediately fell in love with her hand-painted designs and organic watercolor techniques. Follow along to learn more about the artist behind some of our fan-favorite prints!


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I identified my passion for drawing at an early age and have been creating most of my life. I graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in Graphic Design and Print Making.  After moving all of the country in my twenties, my husband and I just settled in Charleston, South Carolina.  We have a two year old little girl named Bowie. Since moving to Charleston, I have met so many creative individuals which has inspired me to get back into painting and drawing! I hope to have a new website in the upcoming months to showcase these paintings/ prints I have been working on.

Blue and green palm tree watercolor artwork


What led you to leave your corporate job and start your own business?

I spent several years at Lilly Pulitzer as a Surface Designer, learning the textile industry.  After moving to San Francisco in 2014, I was inspired to build my own studio which would marry my passion for painting, typography, and textiles to create custom pieces for celebratory occasions.  I had so much fun creating pieces for my own wedding pieces, I launched a business around it. I have since branched out to do various surface designs for packaging, wallpapers, textiles and clothing. 

Pink and green floral watercolor artwork on a white background


What are some of the major sources of inspiration for your work?

It used to be travel, but nowadays I think it is being in the presence of other creative people. It is so great to hear and see how another artist thinks about their practice and their work. I love being a part of the problem solving and conceptualizing portion in any project. I guess that is the designer in me... not so much the artist.

A winter inspired interior design moodboard with pink and cream chinoiserie cotton fabric styled with sage botanical cotton fabric and festive dining room photos


What drew you to watercolor as your go-to medium?

I became comfortable with watercolor and inks when I was working as a textile designer. The medium is fast and, oftentimes, unforgiving, which I LOVE. I personally like to see the hand in one's work. It's more fun when things are a little imperfect.

Close up of a white couch in a sunny living room with pink floral custom pillow, yellow chinoiserie custom pillow and coral velvet custom pillow


We loved working together on the Wildflower Waltz collection! What's your favorite print and why?

I love the simplicity of the Penelope surface design. Is it a frond? Is it a shell? It is reminiscent of BOTH which I adore.

Close up of pink floral custom curtain


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I've decided that it is ever changing! It depends on what I am currently inspired by at the moment. My work converges between watercolor fluidity and applied design structure. It is always grounded in imperfection and asymmetry. It is slightly irreverent I suppose.

Blue ikat custom curtain hanging on a rod in front of a window next to a tall wooden chest and a white upholstered chair styled with a blue ikat custom pillow