Meet The Maker: Kellie Lawler

Brunette woman sitting on a white couch next to large pieces of modern artwork

Meet Kellie! She’s the artist behind our Mirabella and Georgia patterns in the Well + Wonder collection. Her unique botanicals and whimsical lines caught our eye immediately. The Alabama-based artist is inspired by structured design, patterns and textiles, and combines that intrigue with the freedom of a Picasso style continuous line technique. Follow along to learn more about Kellie and the process behind our pattern collaboration!


First off, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a wife and mother of 4. Typical days for me consist of taking the kids to school and their sports practices, going to the gym, and then heading to the studio. On the weekends we are usually at one or more of my kids’ sporting events; football, baseball, or gymnastics meets. When we are lucky enough to have a weekend off, we love to spend time at the lake. It’s pretty nonstop for us but we enjoy being an active family. We spend a lot of time together.

Brunette woman standing in front of a white wall holding her yellow modern artwork next to black and blue modern artwork


What are some of the major sources of inspiration for your artwork?

Everything and anything inspires me… people, nature, photography, patterns and textiles. Sometimes even a story, historical event or a song. I can even start by having a title pop into my head before I’ve painted the piece. The title can inspire what I create. I know that’s very broad but anything can inspire me.

Black floral artwork in a gold frame on a white background


How would you describe your artistic style?

This is a tough question. I don’t think much about categorizing my art in specific terms. I think it’s bold, confident, and encourages connection and conversation. What I was thinking when I created a piece could be totally different than the interpretation of another viewer, but the relationship and conclusion is equally important to each person.

Blue squiggle whimsical artwork on a white background


We loved working together on the Well & Wonder collection! Tell us a little about the design process for each print.

For the pattern I wanted to stay true to the original series of my Continuous Line Figures and Botanicals. I tried not to overthink it or change the style just because it was going to be on a fabric. Normally I don’t pre-sketch designs or compositions for these series before painting but I did for this project. I probably completed about 30 total sketches. Then I did the “sit and stare” part of the process for a while. I pulled different figures from different paintings that I thought would compliment each other and came up with a few final prints.

Cornflower blue floral custom curtain hanging on window in room with white walls and blue chair


What’s your favorite pattern from the collection and why?

If I had to choose I would probably say Mirabella. The continuous line figures series is special to me because it was the first series I sold when I became a full time artist.

Powder Blue Abstract wallpaper styled with a small brown chest next to a glass door


What advice do you have for picking art for your home?

I love this question! It is so very important to pick art that you love, that speaks to you. In my personal opinion, the more unique the piece the better. Art can tell a story, a story that you look forward to sharing with guests in your home… how you came to acquire it, what connection you feel to it, what it represents to you, etc. If you love a piece of art, I promise you will find the perfect place for it in your home. Art is so much more than wall decor to match a sofa. It should be something you will want to pass down in your family.

Cornflower blue custom curtains hanging on a rod in a grey painted living room next to pink floral artwork and a beige couch with light green pillows and blue and green floral custom pillows