How Can You Personalize a Pillowcase?


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Pillowcases can add life, color, and dimension to your living room or bedroom. These accents are often the finishing touches you add to a space after painting, laying down an area rug, or installing curtain rods and curtains to your windows. 

Your pillows may be one of the last design touches that you add to complete an interior design project, but they are still powerful decorative assets. They’ll tie your space together when chosen or designed with care and consideration. 

Using our Pepper Home customizable pillows, you can bring your space to life with a statement ikat print or maintain the harmonious flow of a minimalist space with a subtle design. No matter which look you are trying to achieve, personalized pillows are the secret design tool you never knew you needed.

There’s a lot to consider when picking the perfect pillows and cases: size, style, details, and designs, to name a few. Thankfully, personalizing pillows is easy and attainable. We’re here to guide you to your dream pieces that will transform your space. 

Whether it’s to tie up the final details of a new home, renovated space, or just a refresh, these personalized pillows will make all the difference. 

Get Inspired 

While a pillow may not cover the same square footage as your statement couch, it's just as important when planning your room design. You can use pillows to fill in the gaps in a room and add a bit of color and flourish to your furniture.

While having fun defining and perfecting your style, the first step is to get inspired. You can explore your taste with the help of our design experts and even get complimentary design assistance when you need some extra inspiration.

Finding the right keywords to articulate your style and discovering which styles you gravitate towards is a great first step when making design decisions. 

If rifling through home improvement magazines isn’t for you, something as simple as thinking of styles from your favorite movies can help you along. If an art nouveau Wes Anderson style inspires you, you may look into bold colors and uniform patterns. Or, if a maximalist Hayao Miyazaki-inspired style interests you, you might enjoy whimsical color arrangements and disordered patterns. Take inspiration from anywhere you can.

Explore different styles and designs to your heart's content. See what speaks to you and use your newly trained eye for design to spot the effect the accent pillows have on the spaces you favor. 

Look at Your Space

Once you have an idea of the vibe that you’re curating, it’s time to tailor it to your living space.

When looking at the room you are updating — whether it’s a living room, foyer, dining room, library, or bedroom — you need to see how your new style fits in and how you can elevate it further with color and proportions.

Warmer tones in bright spaces will feel more cohesive, while bold colors will make a statement. It’s up to you to decide what you would like to say with your design, and the design and style of your pieces will be uniquely your voice. 

The size of your space doesn’t directly correlate to the number of pillows or patterns that may be the right fit. While you may assume that a smaller space would mean fewer pillows, creating a cozy nook filled with a nest of pillows can be as stylish and exciting a design choice as a singular statement pillow in a vast space. 

The Importance of Colors

Bringing certain colors into specific spaces can have a profound effect on your mood, creativity, and more. Picking the right colors for your accent pillows can keep you more focused in your home office and more creative in your home studio, for example. 

Looking at the other features of your room, pick patterns with colors that tie in with your other accents and pieces to make the design of the room more cohesive as a whole. This can mean matching your pillows to a few smaller pieces or even just one larger piece. 

We offer easy and attainable personalization that helps you match accent colors, patterns, and designs. This means that your perfect pillow can also be your perfect set of curtains and your perfect wallpaper. 

How Many Pillows Will You Need?

Pillows look best in pairs. Symmetry is your friend, and layering a few pillows on one end of your couch will look lovely when mirrored on the other side. Even children appreciate symmetry — it's eye-catching and will offer more structure to a design plan that includes multiple custom patterns. 

At the end of the day, how many pillows you would like to adorn your loveseat, kitchen bench, or bed with is up to you. If you’d like to get more information about sizing, you can take a look at our Pillow Size Guide and get a visual representation of how different-sized pillows can elevate your overall look. 

At this point, you may have chosen a color palette. As the pillow size guide will tell you, anchoring your color scheme with a color found in each of the patterns you choose is also a wise way to craft a cohesive look in your custom pillow collection. 

Your initial thought might be that multiple patterns will clash, but sticking to your design palette and using a harmonious assortment of multiple patterns can be a look. Recognizing similarities and structure, such as in your design selections, is an easy skill many people don’t even realize they have

So, don’t shy away from grabbing a few different patterns to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Layer Up

A larger pillow such as a 22” or 20” option can be the perfect backdrop while giving you the opportunity to get creative with the pillows in front. Three or even four layers can rest comfortably on a couch or loveseat, making for a perfect structured and detail-oriented look.

Mix & Match

You don’t have to stay married to one design or pattern for your pillow collection. You have the freedom to pick whatever designs you’d like for each layer. Again, choosing designs that share a common color can tie in three or more designs very effectively.

Mixing and matching your design picks are another opportunity to customize your pillow-scape to be uniquely yours. Use your design anchor as a guiding light when it comes to defining your pillow-scape, and making design choices will make an easy process that much easier. 

You can also find the Perfect Pairs section on every Pepper Home product page if you’d like some recommendations for your pairing options. Complimentary design assistance is also available — just send an email to for free and hands-on advice.

Customize Each Season

Floral patterns are perfect for the spring. You’re free to pick year-round designs for your pillows if you’d like, but with customizable pillows, you have the option to switch them out at will. Slap on a new color scheme with each changing season, and always be on the cutting edge of design.

In the fall, you may opt for burgundies and crimsons, while in the winter, you may find yourself oriented towards icy light blues and navy. With the expansive design catalog that we offer, you have the option to change your style whenever you want.

Which Designs Fit Your Space?

It might be hard to pick a design through a screen. Even with testimonial photos that show how much other people have enjoyed specific designs in their spaces, it can be difficult to visualize those same designs in your own space. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution for this. 

You can easily purchase 6x6 fabric swatches to bring home your favorite designs without committing to a pillow purchase. This also makes it easy to test how different patterns and designs look when layered, mirrored, and placed in multiple areas of your home.

Make It Your Own

The customizability that we can offer gives you the freedom to create a stylish and gorgeous space that is uniquely your own: One that can continue to change with your taste, the seasons, holidays, trends, or whatever else suits your home.

You may not be able to wait to tackle your next design project, but keep these key points in mind when it comes to your pillow designs: 

  • Sizing
  • Layering
  • Symmetry
  • An anchor color
  • And, most importantly, designs that bring you joy. 

There is a multitude of options when it comes to your design choices and needs. We are here to help with a vast catalog of options for designs, colors, and sizes.


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