Selecting the Right Art for Your Home

It’s time to fill those walls once and for all! Choosing artwork that complements your space can be challenging, but we spoke with design experts who weigh in with the tips and tricks you will want to keep in mind when selecting pieces for your home.


Curate Pieces Over Time

There is no need to rush to build your art collection; the right pieces will come to you over the years, designer Antonio Deloatch notes. “Take your time to curate pieces that make you smile, feel nostalgic, and compliment the room,” he advises. “Art is energy and you should let it speak to you.”


Think About Whether You Want to be Bold or Play it Safe

Look to the textile colors in your space and determine whether you wish to have your artwork blend in with the color scheme at play or stand out, suggests Véra Kempf of SINGULART. “If you choose the first option, pick an artwork that contains colors already present in the room,” she says. “Dealing with a monochromatic room is always a good choice that will never disappoint to integrate your artwork.” That said, maybe your decor is more neutral and you would like to use your art as a chance to think outside the box. “The color of your painting can be the instrument that serves a greater purpose, and its vibrancy and richness will perfectly contrast with the room decor,” Kempf explains.


Pull One Accent Color to Highlight

This is a strategy that designer Jen Dallas swears by in smaller spaces. “For example, your main color for your sofa upholstery is teal—then create a feeling in your room with using that exact color in your artwork, your rug, and your decorative accessories,” she suggests. “The pieces need to have a little bit of the color; don’t have it be the entire color of these pieces.” In fact, if a piece just features a bit of a given hue, the result will look more sophisticated, Dallas notes. “Your eye will do the work in connecting all of the color similarities together,” she explains. “It’s amazing when you repeat a color, even if it’s a spot in a painting, how it links all the pieces in the room together.” 


Don't Be Afraid To Go Big

If you find yourself drawn to an oversized piece of art and have the room for it, there’s no need to be shy about purchasing something large. “We are certainly not afraid of the bigger pieces, just strategic,” Deloatch says. “Our motto has always been ‘go big or go home.’” In fact, he notes, sometimes more petite pieces just won’t serve a given room. “Depending on the size of space, smaller art can feel lost or too busy when clustered together,” Deloatch explains. Once again, do not rush the art buying process, he stresses. “Waiting to find the right piece and go big is often the smarter option.”

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