Shower Curtain FAQs

Art Deco Palm Pattern shower curtain hanging on rod in front of white tub in bathroom with blue and white tiles

You've got questions, we've got answers. See below for a list of frequently asked questions from our customers regarding our custom shower curtains.


Does the shower curtain come with a plastic liner?

No, you need to purchase a shower curtain liner separately. Check out our Shower Curtain Hardware edit for liner suggestions.


How do I hang the shower curtain?

The panel has a button-hole construction at the top to attach rings. A 72" panel has 12 button-holes and a 84" panel has 15 button-holes.


How much does a shower curtain weigh?

Our shower curtains weigh between 4-6lbs. A standard 72x72 shower curtain weighs 4lbs, however adding trim or choosing a wider or longer curtain can add up to 2lbs.


What type of rod can be used?

We recommend using a mounted rod as suspension cannot support the weight.


How should I wash my shower curtain?

We do not recommend washing your shower curtain; you should use a professional dry cleaning service only. 


How do I choose which width is right for my shower? 

Measure your shower from wall to wall. Add 12” to the measurement to make sure the shower has a relaxed look when it’s closed. We offer 2 standard widths–72” and 84”. Choose the option closest to your wall measurement + 12”.


How do I choose the correct panel length?

Measure the distance from the curtain rod to the floor. You don’t want your shower curtain hitting the floor so we suggest subtracting 8”-10” from the rod to floor measurement. This takes into account the rings used to hang the panel. 72” is the standard length for most shower curtains while 84” is the standard length for longer tubs and showers.


What size rod do I need?

Your rod size is the distance from wall to wall. Most shower curtains are adjustable which make it easy to change the width if necessary.


Can I add trim to the panel?

Yes! You can add trim to the sides, bottom, or the sides + bottom.

Illustration of trim on the bottom, sides and sides + bottom of a shower curtain


What hardware is required to hang the panels?

You will need a shower curtain rod and rings to hang the panel. We suggest using roller rings, like these, to make sure the curtain slides across the rod easily when opening and closing. Check out our Shower Curtain Hardware edit for suggestions.


Can I choose a fabric that isn't listed on the Shower Curtain page?

Yes! Any of our fabrics can be made into shower curtains. Send us an email at to order.


What are the standard shower curtain sizes?

The sizes listed below are designed to fit most shower/tub combos.

Table of standard shower curtain sizes


Still have more questions? Email us at and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.