Table Talk With Ariel Okin

Headshot of brunette woman smiling wearing a white t-shirt and jeans

Ariel Okin is the principal designer at her NY-based design firm, Ariel Okin Interiors. We’ve long admired Ariel for her tasteful interiors and her keen eye for detail. Her lifestyle and home blog, Fenimore Lane, is a constant inspiration for us and offers insightful conversations with some of the best in the business. Follow along to learn about Ariel and see how she styled some of our latest prints from the Wildflower Waltz collection.


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and Ariel Okin Interiors!

I am the principal interior designer at my firm, Ariel Okin Interiors, where our team of six and I create bespoke residential, commercial and hospitality spaces across the country. I am also a mom to an almost 2 year old daughter and a wife, and a dog mom to our goldendoodle, Charlie!

Dog laying on white bed next to wooden nightstand with green lamp and flowers on top


How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?

My style is definitely “traditional with a twist” – I love spaces that feel warm, layered, personal and collected, but have a contemporary edge – whether in artwork, some interesting pieces of furniture, lighting, etc. I find inspiration in all types of places, but my most favorite is vintage interior design books – I collect them!

Apartment styled with white couch styled with decorative pillows with a wooden coffee table on top next to a big illuminated window


Walk us through how you styled our Alice, Marina, and Penelope pillows!

I am a huge fan of layering patterns and prints, and I love the way blue, green and yellow look together. The pillows looked so great up against the antique suzani draped over the sofa – and I just love the colors! Yellow in particular is so cheerful.

Close-up of Marina lemon custom pillow on a white wooden chair


Do you stick to any design "rules" when mixing and matching patterns?

I’m not big on rules – do what makes you happy!


What is your favorite project you've worked on?

I hold a soft spot for one of my first projects that I ever worked on, a duplex pied a terre on Park Avenue; I am close with the owner and her daughter to this day and I just loved working with her; she has exquisite taste and really took a chance on me – I was 24, just a kid when I signed that project! We are now working on a refresh almost six years later, which is so fun.


What are a few ways to refresh your space that don't require a full renovation or splurging on new furniture?

Pillows are always a fantastic way to refresh a space without sinking a ton into construction costs or a brand new sofa. Pretty throws or an antique textile draped over some seating can also transform a room - so can a rug layered on top of another rug, like a large sisal layered with a smaller kilim on top.

Close-up of Green Floral custom pillow and Blue Ikat custom pillow


Favorite design book? 

Oof, that’s so tough. Maybe Mark Hampton, “On Decorating”? Truly so hard to choose!


Current color crush? 

Robin’s egg blue and a plummy red burgundy.


Wallpaper or paint?

Wallpaper, always. 


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