Table Talk With Becky Nielsen

California-based interior designer Becky Nielsen is on the top of our list for designers to watch. Her swoon-worthy interiors are fresh, colorful, and functional and the living room pillowscape she styled for us is no exception! Follow along to learn more about Becky and her custom pillow picks!


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and Becky Nielsen Interiors!

I am a southern girl, born and bred that moved to New York City after college and then Los Angeles 9 years ago. I worked for designers along the way, most recently Mark D. Sikes in Los Angeles and then started my own firm 3 years ago.



How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?

I think I’m a mix of Southern Traditional, with the indoor/outdoor living Los Angeles teaches you. I'm also a mix of formal and feminine. I love beautiful, historic NYC apartments.


Walk us through how you styled Alice, Hockney Moss and Thatcher Midnight! How did you choose which patterns and piping to use? 

I liked mixing the scale of the print for the three pillows, but using the same piping coloration to bring a unity to the grouping.


How do you approach styling with different sizes? What's your rule of thumb for how many pillows go on a sofa?

I usually do 3-4 pillows per sofa. I like larger ones towards the back then will go up a few inches for the pillows in the front.


Do you stick to any design "rules" when mixing and matching patterns?

Yes, I think scale is important. You need one larger “hero” fabric, and then from there you can layer in solids and smaller prints to elevate.



What are a few ways to refresh your space that don't require a full renovation or splurging on new furniture?

Custom pillows! And I love to add trim to drapery.



What is your favorite project you've worked on?

A home for a young, southern family that relocated to Los Angeles in the middle of 2020. For a whole year I was their eyes and ears on site, and we had the most wonderful working relationship and very similar styles. They now have become dear friends!


Favorite design book?

The Well-Loved House by Ashley Whittaker


Current color crush? 

Always Becky Blue


Wallpaper or paint?



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