Table Talk With Lea Burton

Woman sitting in front of a white desk in front of a window with sky blue botanical curtains hanging on a rod

After several years running her design blog, Something to Style Over, Lea Burton started her eponymous design firm, Lea Honour Interiors. We were immediately drawn to the Charleston-based designer for her fresh take on traditional design and we were thrilled she wanted to use our custom curtains in her own home. Follow along to learn about Lea and how she styled her rental apartment with our Emma Sky and Hockney Moss curtains!


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! My name is Lea Burton and I’m an interior designer in Charleston, SC. I recently started my design firm, Lea Honour Interiors, after running my design blog, Something to Style Over, for two years. I’m a lover of blue, green, and all things grand millennial!  

interior design moodboard with blue, green and neutral patterns


What does your home say about you?

Well, my home is actually a rental apartment, which makes decorating challenging! However, my home showcases my love of textiles and patterns, gorgeous art, and antique chinoiserie and furniture. I designed my home the same way I do for my clients, with functionality at the forefront but good design and aesthetics closely behind. My designs are fresh, pretty, and livable and my home is no exception!


What drew you to Emma Sky and Hockney Moss? What advice do you have for choosing a pattern?

I chose Emma Sky for my Guest Room/Office for several reasons. The light blue hue adds a fresh and soft color to the windows and highlights the light blue in my euro shams. I love this pattern because it’s fun but also classic!

two photos of custom sky blue botanical curtains hanging on a rod in a bedroom with a green upholstered bed and a white desk

I chose Hockney Moss for my Primary Bedroom because the rest of the room is very traditional. I have chinoiserie lamps and plates and a classic oriental style rug. I wanted to add an unexpected and more contemporary fabric and this was the perfect option! I love how the green compliments the other details in the space and keeps it grounded and not too “crazy” since it’s a classic olive tone.  

Custom moss green curtains hanging on a gold rod in front of a window in a bedroom with a white bed and sheets


We’re firm believers that curtains finish off any space. Why is it important to incorporate window treatments into your designs?

Window treatments can truly make or break a space! Adding window treatments of any style can truly transform your space. They add a layer of texture, pattern and color and soften a room. They can also visually change the height of a room if done correctly! 


How did you decide which construction type was right for each space?

Classic pinch pleats are one of my favorite drapery details so when I heard Pepper Home was launching pinch pleat drapery I knew that’s what I wanted! It’s classic and adds a little detail without being distracting.

2 close up photos of custom sky blue botanical curtains and custom moss green curtains hanging on a rod


Not every window is the same, which is why we offer custom curtains at a length that works for you. How did you decide what curtain length to choose?

I have 10 foot ceilings and no crown in my bedrooms, so I knew I wanted to bring the rods to the ceiling, or close to it! By mounting the rods a few inches below the ceiling you visually bring your eyes up, creating height and drama in the room. Especially since there’s no crown, I wanted to mount high to mask the lack of molding. More times than not, I prefer to mount rods high, especially with 8’ ceilings! 

In terms of panel length, I prefer my drapery to kiss the floor and/or break the slightest bit. Personally, you never want your panels to be above the floor!