Table Talk With Leslie Jenkins

blonde woman reclining in long cabinet with plates and decorations on top

Meet Leslie—the owner and lead designer at her namesake firm, Jenkins Interiors. Leslie and her team beautifully combine the old with the new through art, furnishings, and attention to detail. We sat down with Leslie to learn about her firm, her approach to pattern mixing, and all things pillows! Check out our convo below!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and Jenkins Interiors!

I’m Leslie Jenkins, owner of Jenkins Interiors. When I’m not running around the office with my amazing team, I am spending my free time with my friends and family (grand-dogs included) and being outdoors (weather permitting) cooking, reading, catching up on Netflix and sourcing the best new local restaurants. Travel was my absolute favorite thing to do outside of the office (pre-covid) as it allowed me to relax while also being inspired.


Before founding Jenkins Interiors in 1998, you worked at a leading Houston architecture firm. How has your architectural background affected your outlook on design? 

A background in architecture has really helped me hone in on all the small details that could easily get overlooked. At the end of the day, it’s the small details that make up the entire design so I make sure to focus on every inch of the project from start to finish.

Blonde woman pointing to interior design moodboard and fabric inspirations


How has your firm and your style evolved over the years?

Our firm has grown so much over the years. We love to keep our style "timeless" and we this by mixing in old and new in order to create a curated classic feel.


Do you stick to any design "rules" when mixing and matching patterns?

We always play with the scale of the pattern—mixing a larger scale pattern with a smaller scale makes it easier to mix and match.

Close-up of a Yellow Stripe Chartreuse custom pillow and a Moss Green Geometric custom lumbar pillow


Walk us through how you styled this living room using our Denton, Emma, and Loomi pillows. How did you choose which patterns and piping to use?

I wanted to curate a look that was both playful and bright, so I chose patterns of different colors and scales so they would mix well together. The contrast piping was added to make each pillow stand out on their own; adding a contrast piping is one of my favorite ways to do this!

Living room styled with two Yellow Stripe Chartreuse custom pillows, one Sky Blue Pattern custom pillow, and one Moss Green Geometric custom lumbar pillow on sky blue couch with blonde woman drinking a cup of coffee next to a glass coffee table with two books stacked and a decorative plate on top.


How do you approach styling with different sizes? What's your rule of thumb for how many pillows go on a sofa?

Depends on the size of the sofa and style of the project. We usually like to stick to odd numbers and play with the sizes and shapes of the pillows. We may make some pillows with Turkish corners, “boxed,” or with a contrast flange, cording, or tape to add interest into the space. It’s the little details that make a big difference. 

Blue couch styled with a Sky Blue Pattern custom pillow, two Yellow Stripe Chartreuse custom pillows and one Moss Green Geometric custom pillow being held by blonde woman and artwork hung on wall


One of our mottos is "a little goes a long way". What are a few ways to elevate your living room that don't require a full renovation or splurging on new furniture?

A little does go a long way! A great way to elevate your space is by adding new pillows, or styling your coffee tables and shelves to create a curated look. Another one of my favorite ways to elevate a space is by simply adding fresh flowers to the space which adds a little life and happiness to the look!

Living room corner styled with a blue lamp and a colorful artwork next to a circular wooden table and a white couch with a floral printed pillow with a coffee table in front


Favorite design book?

Jeffrey Bilhuber, Everyday Decorating 


Favorite project you’ve worked on?

This is so hard to answer. We have the best clients and love working on all of our projects! I did love designing my Tyler home as I am my own client and can really push the limits! I currently am designing my new home in Fort Worth and cannot wait to see it finished.


Where do you find inspiration?

In my everyday life I am constantly surrounded by creative individuals that I am able to bounce ideas off of which leads to endless possibilities and inspiration. I also love flipping through books, magazines or scrolling through social media- paying attention to all of the small details.


Color crush of the moment?

All the different variations of pink!


Wallpaper or paint?

Wallpaper - always!


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