Table Talk With Morgan Smith

Brunette woman sitting on a blue and white armchair with child on lap next to plants in a big black clay vase in front of an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Custom Curtains

Morgan Smith is the founder and CEO of the boutique children's swimwear label, minnow swim. She recently updated her Charleston, SC home with help from her designer, Molly Basile, One Kings Lane, and a little bit of Pepper! Follow along to learn more about Morgan and see how she styled our Emma Sky curtain


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Morgan Smith, wife and mother to three. I created and run the children’s swim label, minnow.  I am from Laguna Beach, CA yet currently enjoying the Lowcountry while living in Charleston, SC.


The entire Minnow collection is full of beautiful, custom prints that we’re constantly swooning over! What led you to start Minnow and where do you get inspiration?

I started off my career in the corporate fashion world in NY and LA, but always felt I would do my own thing one day, it was really about waiting for the right moment and authentic idea.

Brunette woman in white desk working in a computer. Six children wearing swimwear walking toward a White House with two green windows

When my first son was 14 months old, I was consulting at the time and decided to take advantage of the flexible work scenario. We embarked on a home exchange in London. While there, we took a weekender to the Amalfi Coast.  Before our travel, I searched London (a city with a large children’s clothing offering) in mid-July for boy’s swim options, yet I was disappointed with the assortment. I just wanted clean, simple with a great fit. It got me thinking about where I had found my son’s swim options back home, and how it always felt like this “find”, either I would buy the shorts way too small for him or find a vintage pair off Etsy so they would hit above his knee. Because knee dimples are meant to be seen! So when I got home from our house swap, I went to work on the first style, the minnow boardies for my little muse.


What does your home say about you?

I’m not scared of prints and I love a clean and classic aesthetic with color.

Children’s room styled with white bunk beds with two decorative pillows on each bed on top


With three little ones at home, how do you balance creating a space that’s both stylish and functional?

I lean into performance fabrics and hope for the best! I try not to sweat the small stuff, the lamp may get knocked down and the carpet will get spilled on. We do our best. Our brand new countertops already have a tie dye stain from a family craft night, gah!


At Pepper, we believe no room is complete without curtains! What drew you to our Emma Sky curtain?

Room corner with blue and white armchair next to a small table with a book and can on top by plants in a big black clay vase next to an illuminated window styled with a Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Custom Curtain on a gold metal rod. Close-up of brunette woman sitting in blue and white armchair by child in front of an illuminated window styled with a Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Custom Curtain

The Emma sky curtain feels elevated + classic yet still playful and fun. I love the pinch pleat construction—to me the curtains look very substantial and custom.


What advice would you give someone about to tackle a home renovation/re-design?

It takes time! It’s challenging to rush the process, because a well-designed home has so many layers and sentiment worked in.


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Close-up of Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Custom Curtain