Why Designers Enjoy Using Solid Grasscloth

Sea salt solid grasscloth wallpaper on a wall styled with a bar cart with green classes and colorful flowers

Say hello to our seven new solid grasscloth wallcoverings! We’re thrilled to launch this collection of eco-friendly, natural papers, which range in shade from soft linen to deep navy. These wallcoverings are hand-crafted by skilled weavers using sustainable, renewable plant fibers such as agave, jute, and hemp. Sustainable by design, these coverings are backed with biodegradable paper, which is also chemical free. Keep in mind that because the wallcoverings are both handmade and created from natural fibers, subtle distinctions will occur within every dye lot. 

Whether you’re looking to wallpaper a bedroom, dining space, powder room, or anywhere in between, solid grasscloth is an excellent option that designers enjoy using continuously in their projects. Below, several pros weigh in to share what they like the most about working with this material. 


Grasscloth Adds Tons of Texture

No room is complete without textural touches—any well designed space is full of mixed finishes and materials and plenty of layers. The weaving together of the threads and natural fibers results in the signature textural grasscloth look. 

“Adding texture to your walls with grasscloth wallpaper is a great way to warm up a space without committing to a pattern,” says Francie Winchester, the founder of Francie Winchester Interior Design in Tulsa. If you’re looking for a compromise between busy wallpaper and paint, solid grasscloth is an excellent choice. “A solid colored grasscloth provides depth that a solid color paint cannot, not to mention that it’s a great foundation for layering in printed fabrics and art,” Winchester adds.

Navy blue solid grasscloth on a wall behind a wooden bench with blue and white patterned cushion styled with blue artwork

Keep in mind that grasscloth isn’t just for the walls; it will shine on the ceiling, too. “It warms the room instantly and brings the eye up,” says Taylor Fusco, the founder of Tay Fusco Design on Long Island. She will then put a patterned wallcovering on the walls for additional interest. 


Grasscloth Makes a Space Feel Lived In

The texture of grasscloth doesn’t just add warmth to a space but provides other benefits to a room, too. “Because grasscloth is made from a natural fiber, it has inherent differences which makes a space feel more lived in and perfectly imperfect,” says Kate Smith, the founder of Kate Smith Interiors in Fairfield County, Connecticut. A well styled home is one that appears to be full of life rather than showroom-like, and grasscloth can therefore help to achieve this feeling. 

Interior design moodboard with green solid grasscloth wallpaper paired with green geometric fabric and cream accents


Grasscloth is Timeless

If you’re looking for a timeless addition to the home, look no further than solid grasscloth wallpaper. “Many people associate grasscloth with the 60s and 70s, but it actually dates back to ancient China, making it one of the oldest interior finishes—it’s truly timeless,” says Jennifer McKissick, the founder of Jennifer McKissick Interior Design in Greenville, South Carolina. McKissick likes to style grasscloth alongside chinoiserie style pieces but notes that it complements a range of aesthetics. No matter how you integrate grasscloth wallpaper into your space, you can feel confident knowing that it will continue to serve you for years to come.

Cream solid grasscloth on a wall styled with a gallery wall with neutral artwork and a wooden chest