Flowers, fronds and felines...oh my
Frida Curtain Frida Curtain

Frida Curtain

Starting at $118 (Customize)

Frida Pillow Frida Pillow
Frida Tea Towel Frida Tea Towel

Frida Tea Towels

$38 (Set of 2)

Frida Table Runner Frida Table Runner
Frida Placemat Frida Placemat

Frida Placemats

$28 (Set of 2)

Friends of Frida

Mix. Match. Just like that.
Dixon Green Pillow Dixon Green Pillow
Ginger Pillow Ginger Pillow
Carolina Throw Pillow Carolina Throw Pillow
Hockney Runner Hockney Runner
Dixon Green Placemat Dixon Green Placemat

Dixon Placemats

$28 (Set of 2)

Ginger Placemat Ginger Placemat

Ginger Placemats

$28 (Set of 2)

Hockney Pink Napkins Hockney Pink Napkins

Hockney Napkins

$48 (Set of 4)

Dixon Green Cocktail Napkins Dixon Green Cocktail Napkins
Haworth Tea Towels Haworth Tea Towels

Haworth Tea Towels

$38 (Set of 2)