An Elevated Hockney Moss Nursery

Laura Fryan of Love Living Here used our Hockney Moss curtains to create an elevated gender neutral nursery for her child. Follow along to learn more about her design decisions!

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am an attorney by day, but a love for interior design and all things DIY led me and one of my best friends to start an Instagram account featuring the renovations of our respective dated colonial homes. Since then, our Instagram account blossomed into a small business working with brands and doing interior design work for local and virtual clients! I have two children and one on the way, which is what led me to working with Pepper Home.

What does your home say about you?

It speaks to my love for both old and new items, with a touch of quirkiness.

What was your design vision for the space?

Not knowing the gender of our third child really forced me to step outside of my comfort zone in designing a gender neutral nursery. My vision was to mix patterns and colors in a way I’ve never done before on just about every surface of the nursery.

What drew you to our Hockney Moss curtains?

The Hockney Moss curtains are such a fun pattern but also elegant and luxurious. I first saw them in a design paired with a vintage patterned rug and knew they would be perfect for my vision!

How did you decide which trim was right for the curtains?

I chose the Fern Velvet band because it felt classic and timeless on the Hockney Moss pattern. The way the curtains came together with the pinch pleat header and trim really gave the nursery an elevated feel.

We're obviously all about accessorizing! Tell us about your curtain rod choice!

I chose a brass curtain rod from Pottery Barn with ball finials - the brass looks amazing paired with the Hockney Moss pattern! I always choose a sturdy rod for high traffic areas or rooms like a nursery, and the brass rod is a timeless feature in any room.

Loving Laura's look? Order a Hockney Moss swatch today to start scheming!