Styling the Well + Wonder Collection

We recently teamed up with Well + Wonder to launch a collection of textiles and art prints that will shine in any room of the home. With so many curtains, pillows, framed works, and more to choose from, we wanted to help you streamline your decision making with a quick, designer-approved guide on how to integrate pieces from this new collection into any room of your home. Read on for pros’ suggestions when it comes to introducing the Well + Wonder collection into a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kid’s room.


Styling a Bedroom

While a bedroom should be nice and relaxing, it shouldn’t be too plain! “A bedroom deserves to have some visual interest,” comments designer Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design. “Mixing in a few darker elements, like eggplant, with some softer pinks and violets keeps the room from feeling too sweet.” 

Try This Mix: Rose Velvet Pillow with Raspberry Piping and Georgia Burgundy Wallpaper


Styling A Bathroom

By no means should your bathroom be boring. Make getting ready feel more glam with some thoughtful design choices. “Keeping a bathroom tone-on-tone not only is elegant, but allows for the addition of any accent pieces like art or hand towels in a contrasting color,” Phillips shares.  “A mint color is fresh and pairs nicely with whites and browns.”

Try This Mix: Georgia Mint Wallpaper and Palm Petal Artwork


Styling A Living Room

Give a sofa that’s in need of some extra love a new life with fabric that pops. Then, don’t forget to finish off the look with thoughtful accessories. “Add in a smaller print and some abstract art, along with coordinating pillows for a cohesive and sophisticated space,” Phillips suggests.

Try This Mix: Kellie Lawler Artwork and Julia Pillow


Styling A Kid's Room

When designing a kid’s room, it’s important to keep longevity in mind. “Kids' rooms need to be able to grow, and not feel dated and babyish as they get older,” Phillips notes. However, you can still have some fun while putting together a space that will last for the long haul! After all, as Noelle Isbell of Noelle Interiors notes, “Color is key!” She adds, “The earthy tones and whimsical prints from Pepper's Well + Wonder Collection offer mix-matching solutions to create a happy space. Take your child's bedroom from mundane to magical by combining the Rose Velvet Pillow with the Harper Wallpaper.” Looking for something a little more subdued? “Cornflower blue and mint green are a timeless mix, and can easily transition from little kid to big,” Phillips add.

Try This Mix: Harper Wallpaper and Rose Velvet Pillow


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