Why Should Your Nursery Have Wallpaper


When decorating any part of your home — whether it is a total remodel or a simple update — one of the most essential elements in the decor process is deciding what to do with your wall space. Walls are the largest feature in a room and can serve as a bold statement or a subtle enhancement, depending on how you decide to decorate.

One simple yet effective way to take up wall space is with wallpaper. You’re able to avoid the hassle of painting and easily add patterns, color, and design to your space. 

Many parents find that when decorating their nursery, whether this is their first or their fourth child, ease plays a big role in setting up their space. 

Creating a space ideal for bringing in a new life is fun and exciting Still, why opt for the hard decor options when the easy choices work just as well? That’s why we’ve created a guide on why you should use wallpaper in your home nursery.

What Kind of Nursery Wallpaper Should You Use?


Once you’ve decided that wallpaper is the right move for you, then you’ll need to narrow it down. Ask questions about how you plan to decorate the other elements of your nursery. 

If you’re going for a more minimal and neutral style, a subtle wallpaper might be the best choice for you. However, you can always use wallpaper for a bold statement, like with a unique statement wall.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper with patterns is a fantastic way to bring color and design to a space. For rooms like nurseries, we recommend bright and light colors to play with. While all colors promote specific positive properties, light colors like yellow and pastels are great for promoting learning and comfort.

Nature Wallpaper

We love to bring nature to any element of the home, and what better way to do this than with some wallpaper that depicts the beauty of the outdoors? 

A floral print in light pastels is a great addition to a nursery, or you could add some interesting color with a jungle-themed print for a fun and themed nursery.

Solid Wallpaper

For those of you decorating a nursery who want a blank canvas to mount additional wall decor, solid wallpaper will be your best choice. 

We recommend that anyone who is looking to create a gallery wall or other featured wall art opt for solid wallpaper, so you can feel confident that you will not distract the eye from these key pieces.

How To Choose Nursery Wallpaper?

Why Should Your Nursery Have Wallpaper

Picking out the perfect wallpaper for your nursery is the next step in this process after you’ve decided on a pattern or not. There are a few tricks to picking out the right wallpaper for your space, which we’ve compiled here.

Match the Wallpaper to Your Nursery Decor

Picking out wallpaper that matches your nursery’s other decor is a vital step in this process. Customized wallpaper can be used to tie all of the furnishings in a room together. Take an inventory of what colors and patterns are already in this room in order to ensure your wallpaper matches your nursery decor.

We recommend getting familiar with your room’s color scheme. This will ensure that you can use small details in your wallpaper to highlight other furnishings. For example, wallpaper with a certain color incorporated is a fantastic way to highlight the color palette throughout your home.

Choose a Nursery Wallpaper With Peaceful Colors

Because the primary purpose of a nursery is sleep and relaxation for both the baby and the parents who care for them, promoting that kind of atmosphere is important when decorating this space. 

This is why we encourage the use of light and peaceful colors, such as pink pastels, cool blues, or sunny yellows. 

Pick a Nursery Wallpaper With Fun and Cute Designs

One of the reasons we love decorating nurseries specifically so much is that you can get fun and creative with these rooms. 

You can let the child inside of you peek out a bit when decorating a space for your little one. Fun patterns and sweet themes are easy to incorporate in a nursery through your wallpaper.

How Much Wallpaper is Needed for a Nursery?

The next question you may find yourself asking is how much wallpaper you will need for your space. You can calculate this manually, but in order to save you time and potential confusion, we’ve created this handy wallpaper calculator. Give it a whirl the next time you’re ordering custom wallpaper for your nursery!

If you’re hesitant to commit before you make your full order, you can try out swatches of our wallpaper in your home! Comparing a swatch to other furnishings and possible wall colors is a great way to feel confident in committing to a new pattern. 

Where Can I Get Help Installing Nursery Wallpaper?

Installing wallpaper is a quick and easy process. Our wallpaper is standard clay-coated paper. You will apply the glue for the wallpaper first and then apply the wallpaper itself next. Our Wallpaper Calculator can help ensure that you purchase the correct amount to cover your space.

Where Can I Get Nursery Design Ideas?

Although wallpaper is a large part of nursery design, it isn’t the only aspect! We know this, which is why we provide a multitude of different types of design help. You don’t ever have to feel like you’re on your own with Pepper Home!

Expert Design Assistance

In the digital world we live in today, expert design assistance is always available to you at the tip of your fingers! You can find resources online from YouTube channels to Pinterest inspiration to articles written by experts themselves.

However, if you want to get expert design assistance from someone who knows the product and feels a bit more real, don’t hesitate to reach out to our in-house design experts for expert design assistance. We offer complimentary design assistance to all of our clients. Just send us a message, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Style Guides

We also offer style guides as inspiration and aid when decorating your home. These guides are helpful for someone looking for other furnishings and decor that pair well with our different products. These style guides make it easy for you to find cohesive furniture for your newly furnished nursery.

What Are Other Nursery Decor Essentials?

Why Should Your Nursery Have Wallpaper

So, let’s talk about what other essentials there are for a nursery. Wall decor is pretty central to the renovation process, but it’s not the only essential you’ll be prioritizing. There are some other key pieces that not only tie the room together but also serve as functional tools to help keep your baby healthy and happy.

Nursery Custom Curtains

Curtains are another vital piece of wall decor. Not only do they look great and serve as a beautiful central piece of decoration, but they also help keep out light and sound while your baby is sleeping and help promote a healthy baby’s sleep

We recommend installing blackout curtains in rooms meant for sleeping, such as bedrooms and nurseries. Blackout curtains have been proven to promote healthy, well-rested sleep, and this is no different when it comes to your little one.

Nursery Custom Pillows

Another important element when it comes to curating a space for healthy sleep and general comfort is pillows. You can customize pillows to match your decor easily and effortlessly. Custom pillows are great as fillers in the crib or as an addition to a rocking chair. If you’ve got a sofa in your nursery, throw some custom pillows on it for the ultimate cozy vibes.

Nursery Throws

Throw blankets are another fantastic way to ensure coziness in the nursery for both you and your little one. After all, you will spend plenty of your time there, and it’s important that you feel comfortable as well. Adding some throw blankets to the side of a crib or on the back of a rocking chair will guarantee that you have easy access to added comfort.

Complete Your Nursery 

Picking out wallpaper is an important part of nursery design. After all, your walls are the largest furnishing in any room. Whether you opt for something neutral or more colorful, your nursery’s wallpaper will tie your furnishings together and leave your space looking perfectly ready for your baby’s arrival.


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