Best 9 Custom Design Ideas To Inspire Your New Room Makeover

Brunette woman sitting down in a white chair in front of desk by white and pink bed next to an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Pattern Custom Curtains

We’ve all seen extreme room makeover television shows that fill our heads with inspiring decor ideas. If you’ve been watching some of those series, you’re probably feeling inspired to redo your own bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Whether you’re planning your own DIYroom makeover or just want room makeover ideas to spruce up your space without an entire remodel, Pepper Home is here to help. While there are so many ways you can design your space, we’ve come up with 10 of the best custom design and home decor ideas to inspire your new room makeover.

Our 10 Favorite Custom Room Transformation Ideas

Add Color and Texture With Custom Curtains

Your walls are the primary focal point of your room, which is why wall decor is an essential part of the interior design process. Custom curtains are one of the easiest ways to decorate your wall. 

Whether it’s a sweet light pastel or a dramatic jewel tone, curtain panels are an accessible way to incorporate art into your home while also providing functional furnishings. 

Colors and patterns aren’t the only elements curtains bring to the table, though. Texture plays a big role in the world of design, your drapes especially. You can take your window treatments to the next level with interesting textures, like a striking velvet curtain, a summery linen curtain, or a neutral cotton design.

Pepper Home’s custom curtains also offer the opportunity to add trim elements such as pom poms, tassels, bands, and rick rack for added texture and color in your design. Construction options like ring top, rod pocket, pinch pleat, grommet, and tailored pleat designs complete your custom look, while our Curtain Calculator and Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide make purchasing and installing your custom curtains a breeze.

Our custom curtains are sustainably made in the U.S. and ship in just seven days, meaning it’s easier than ever to refresh your room decor.

Upgrade the Dining Room With Custom Table Linens

If you’re redecorating or updating your dining room, consider incorporating patterns and design with custom table linens. These will add a new element to your table, and they are functional pieces that help keep your surfaces clean. 

If you’re decorating a small room, linens, light fixtures, and other small touches can tie the space together without making it feel cramped.

Table linens are easy and noncommital decor for your dining room, and you can rotate them out based on the season and your current preferences. You can customize your linens to pair well with other fabrics throughout the room as well, like upholstered dining chairs, curtains, or custom pillows

Pepper Home’s Spice Market is an easy place to find complementary furniture and design pairings that match perfectly with your custom curtains, wallpaper, and pillows.

Personalize Your Living Room With Custom Pillows and Throws

Living room with a white armchair with a Floral Navy Custom Pillow on top next to a wooden rectangular coffee table and an illuminated window styled with Floral Navy Custom Curtains

One of the most important pieces of room decor in your home is your sofa. You spend so much time in your living room; after all, that’s where a lot of socialization occurs. 

That said, you’ve probably put thought and consideration into picking out the perfect sofa. However, you can also spruce up your living space with smaller elements, like custom pillows and throws. 

Custom pillows are an easy way to add unique patterns to your sofas and chairs without needing to buy new furniture. It’s best to pair your fabric with other fabrics around the room, like curtains, rugs, and chairs. 

You can match your pillows to other design elements using the perfect pairs selection we have curated for each fabric. Like our custom curtains, Pepper Home’s custom pillows are sustainably made in the United States and ship in only a week.

Throw blankets are another element you can add to your living room that takes your style to the next level. Some people choose to use throw blankets for design purposes only, while others will actually utilize them as a convenient blanket. It’s up to you!

Tie Any Room Together With Custom Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy and efficient way to add colors and patterns to your room. You can use wallpaper to create an accent wall in any room or mix and match wallpapers for a maximalist design. 

For example, you can have opposite walls with matching patterned wallpaper while the remaining walls are covered with solid-colored wallpaper. We recommend that you pop a solid drape over a patterned wall or vice versa for a complementary effect, and our Wallpaper Paint Guide is here to help you find well-suited color and pattern pairings for any room.

If you’re not sure which wallpaper would be best for your needs, it’s easy to find additional design help at Pepper Home. You can reach out to our in-house design experts for complimentary design assistance by emailing You also can order swatches of our wallpaper to try it out at home before committing to a pattern.

Once you’re ready to commit, our Wallpaper Calculator is here to help you purchase the exact amount of wallpaper you need to cover your walls effectively.

Decorate With Plants

If you’re looking for some fresh bathroom makeover ideas, consider filling your space with plants. Considering plants are both physically and mentally beneficial, it’s no wonder that people have embraced them as decor. 

Regardless of whether you have a green thumb, you can decorate with plants. Easy-to-care for plants, like the snake plant or pothos, are good starter plants if you’re newer to plant parenthood. 

Other plants, like monstera and rubber plants, are rising in popularity as well. Once you’ve got practice with caring for low-maintenance plants, you can start incorporating different varieties throughout your home.

If you don’t want the responsibility of caring for a plant, you can always use fake plants as commitment-free decorations around your home. These are convenient because they can be placed anywhere regardless of sun exposure, and you don’t need to water them. For people who enjoy the aesthetic of plants but not the responsibility, this is a perfect option.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Gallery Wall

Corner room close-up of white desk with a sewing machine and stacked books on top next to an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Pattern Custom Curtains

One of the most timeless types of decor for any room is the gallery wall. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, this is a decor project that you can personalize to your own style.

Curating pieces that are personal and align with your taste is a fun process. Implementing this wall is satisfying and leaves your space personalized and looking sharp. We recommend browsing thrift stores for unique pieces, investing in art, and framing photos you’ve taken for an exceptional gallery wall. 

You don’t have to stick to framed photographs or paintings, though. Mixed media gallery walls are excellent for incorporating shapes along with colors and images. Finally, shelf walls are another trending option that is not only stylish but also convenient for added storage.

Use Wallpaper To Create an Accent Wall

White walls are a common way to make a room feel more open, but they also lack personality. An accent wall is a great solution to this conundrum: You can enjoy the spacious feel of white walls while also bringing color and pattern to your room.

There are so many ways you can create an accent wall for your bedroom makeover, but the easiest route is often to use wallpaper. Accent walls add an interesting element to any room and are a popular way to decorate bedrooms and living rooms.

Use Matching Curtains, Linens, and Pillows

Choosing furnishings that match each other is a simple way to tie a room together. You can easily do this with coordinating fabrics. 

Our pillows, curtains, and fabrics are made with care to complement each other and highlight each other’s colors and patterns. Throwing some pillows on your sofa that match your curtains is an effortless way to make your space look sharp and put together.

Pepper Home’s Style Guides can provide design inspiration for any aesthetic, color scheme, or statement furniture piece as you plan your ideal room layout.

Redo Your Nursery With New Drapes and Wallpaper

Getting ready for the arrival of a little one is so exciting and many parents find themselves nesting in preparation. Whether your nursery is new or just needs an upgrade, wall space is the perfect place to start in a remodel. A new wallpaper is a great way to amp up your nursery and incorporate soothing colors that will promote healthy development. 

The same goes for a nicely paired curtain. You can browse perfectly paired curtains with any of our custom wallpapers. We recommend blackout curtains for your nursery, as this will help keep light from entering through the windows.

Make Your Bedroom More Peaceful With Custom Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are not just great for the little ones — they can also play a key role in a bedroom transformation.

Blackout curtains are 100% opaque, so you won’t be disturbed by sunlight or artificial light when they are drawn. These drapes promote healthy sleep and are especially beneficial for people living in urban areas or with sleep cycles that don’t align with the sun.

Bedroom design experts often recommend these curtains — along with muted paint colors and comfy duvets and pillows — for anyone trying to create a peaceful space.

Get Custom Design Tips From Experts

Interior design moodboard and fabric inspirations with Pink Floral Cotton Swatch, Pink Chinoiserie Tiger Cotton Swatch, Pink Graphic Cotton Swatch, and Moss Green Cotton Swatch

Sometimes you just need a little change and sometimes you need a lot, but regardless, we want to help you accomplish the perfect room makeover. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, nursery, or kitchen, a few hacks for upgrading your decor can keep your home looking sharp and to cultivate happiness. 

From small details like custom pillows to larger elements like intricate wallpaper, you can tie your home together with the help of our custom designs.



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