What Are the Best Blackout Curtains for Sleep?

What Are the Best Blackout Curtains for Sleep?

For most people, falling asleep is easier if you are in a dark room without very much light or even no light at all. Lying down in a dim environment helps promote relaxation and allows your body to truly rest and reset for the next day. 

However, many people struggle with falling asleep or having a restful night’s sleep because too much light is in the room. 

If you are on a mission to get a good night’s sleep, the right blackout curtain retailer may be able to help. Read on to learn more about blackout curtains and to discover which ones are the best for sleep.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtain panels are double-lined window treatments that are typically used in rooms where people sleep, such as in a bedroom or nursery. 

High-qualityroom-darkening curtains are 100% opaque and can therefore block out all light coming through your windows. Compare this to privacy curtains, which are only 70% opaque and allow some natural light to come through (making them ideal for lived-in spaces like kitchens and family rooms).

Here at Pepper Home, we specialize in creating custom velvet, cotton, and linen blackout curtains that are designed specifically for your needs. We’re all about providing beautiful designs and making sustainable products that are crafted to last. 

Our blackout curtains are 100% cotton and are made with an opaque blackout lining, making them the perfect option for window frames to help sleepers get a restful night’s sleep in a bedroom oasis.

How Do Blackout Curtains Help You Sleep Better?

What Are the Best Blackout Curtains for Sleep?

Now you may be wondering, how exactly do blackout curtains help you sleep better? For starters, let’s dive into what happens to your body when you sleep.

For many people, having city street lights or bright sunlight streaming in your windows isn’t just annoying — it can actually affect your body’s chemistry. When you settle in for the night, turn off the lights, and use blackout curtains to block light from outside, the darkness helps your body to produce melatonin.

The hormone melatonin helps to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm, thus helping you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. You can help to naturally increase your melatonin levels at night by dimming the lights at an earlier time to prepare your body for sleep, reducing screen time, and trying to eliminate any excess light by using well-made blackout curtains. 

This way, you won’t have any excess light from outside keeping you up at night, and you can therefore let your body fully rest and recharge in a “sun-zero” environment that’s completely pitch black.

Now, let’s dive into some more reasons why blackout shades and curtains can help you sleep better.

They Filter Out Light

Adding the right blackout curtains to your bedroom or child’s nursery is the best way to create a relaxing environment that will help promote sleep without sacrificing your home decor aesthetic. 

Blackout curtains are made with a durable, opaque fabric that filters out light by blocking out UV rays from sunlight and any artificial lights that are outside. This helps promote healthy, undisturbed sleep and is why we recommend installing blackout curtains in rooms specifically meant for rest.

They Keep a Room Cool

Another reason why our customers love to use our blackout curtains is that they help to keep a room cool.

 Most blackout curtains help to reduce the amount of heat that comes in through your windows. This will help to keep your bedroom or living room cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter, making your home a bit more energy-efficient in the process.

They Create a Peaceful Environment

Blackout curtains also help to create a peaceful environment, as they may be able to block out some outside noises and give you a more relaxing space inside. 

With the right blackout window curtains, you can jump in bed and snuggle up to your favorite throw blanket, knowing that you will have a more restful night’s sleep in a calm and peaceful environment with complete darkness.

They Come in a Variety of Colors

One of the reasons why our customers love Pepper Home custom products is that there are so many stylish design options available. Our linen and velvet blackout curtains come in a variety of colors, and each curtain panel is light-blocking and well-made. You choose from drapery with a wide range of different color options to get the perfect look for your home.

Whether you are looking for a pastel pink or a dreamy shade of lilac, you will be sure to find a color and pattern that you love. If you need any help with choosing the perfect blackout curtains for your nursery or bedroom, our in-house design experts are happy to help. 

We offer complimentary design assistance and will help you with everything from tackling a room refresh or simply creating a stunning design that will wow your family and guests when they enter your home.

Multiple Curtain Construction Options

In addition, you can choose from a wide array of construction options for your blackout curtains and curtain rods. Our construction choices include:

  • Pinch pleat
  • Rod pocket
  • Ring top
  • Grommet style
  • Tailored pleat

Once you find your top pick for curtain construction, installing your blackout window curtain panels is a breeze. Whether you opt for blackout grommet curtains or a rod pocket design, you can easily minimize curtain wrinkles and tie your space together.

Our curtain hardware recommendation guide may be able to help you determine which construction style is best for your room’s aesthetic. Once you’ve chosen your hardware, our installment guide makes it easy to hang your curtains without any fuss.

What Are the Best Blackout Curtains for Sleep?

What Are the Best Blackout Curtains for Sleep?

Now that you know what key qualities to look for when searching for the perfect blackout curtains, let’s explore these premium Pepper Home products. Here, you can see a variety of styles and can select the best blackout curtains for sleep.

Frida Green Blackout Curtains

For homes with a boho, minimalist, or gender-neutral interior design style, we recommend our Frida Green Blackout Curtains to add an amazing accent to any room. Our Frida curtains are dangerously divine and feature a gorgeous design filled with flowers, fronds, and felines that your family will be sure to love.

These blackout curtains will make a statement in your newborn’s nursery and are the product to help your little one get some shut-eye at night. Our Style Guides can help you craft an entire room design around your favorite curtains if you so choose, while our Curtain Calculator helps you order the perfect-sized curtains for your space. With our helpful resources, room design has never been easier or more accessible.

Loomi Moss Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for beautiful blackout curtains with an intricate, stunning print, you will be sure to fall in love with our Loomi Moss Blackout Curtains. These lovely drapes have a small-scale sage green and soft blue pattern that is massively appealing. This curtain would be the perfect addition to your baby’s nursery or to a guest bedroom in your home.

You can also choose to add an elaborate trim along the outer edges of the curtain for an even more sophisticated look. Our trim options include rick rack, tassels, pom poms, and bands, so you can tailor your design to any personal style needs.

Penelope Rose Blackout Curtains

For homes with a chic, glam, or feminine interior design style, our Penelope Rose Blackout Curtains are the ultimate window treats. The gorgeous rose-colored pattern will make your bedroom look cool and fresh all year long. These gorgeous curtains will give your bedroom a light and airy feel during the day while creating the perfect room darkening effect at night.

If you need any help with selecting the best print for your room, you can request a fabric swatch to provide design inspiration. This way, you can rest assured knowing that the pattern you love will look stunning in your space. For our custom curtains, you can also order curtain trim samples so that you can see some of the stylish trim options that we offer. 

With everything from timeless tassels to playful pompoms, you will love seeing your design vision come to life.

Poppy Blue Blackout Curtains

If you are searching for a stylish print to add to your bedroom, our Poppy Blue Curtain will be sure to warm up any space. These blackout curtains are made to last and feature a soothing palette of blues and mint, which will bring gorgeous color to your home. The hints of blue will look fabulous in a little boy’s nursery or in your bedroom. 

Each curtain panel is light-blocking to create the ultimate space for sleep and relaxation. You can even pair these stunning drapes with a set of our custom pillows for a classic, upscale look. 

Frida Pink Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for the most stunning blackout curtains for your little girl’s bedroom or nursery, you will be sure to fall in love with our elegant and whimsy Frida Pink Curtain. These gorgeous curtains are teeming with beautiful pastel colors, flowers, and felines and will make a statement in any room. These noise-reducingcurtain panels will also eclipse light at night, helping your princess to have a restful night’s sleep. 

The best part is that when ordering from Pepper Home, you can customize your curtains without having to worry about long lead times. Our products are made sustainably in the United States, and our custom curtains and pillows ship in seven days. This way, you can start decorating as soon as possible and start getting better sleep in style.

Find the Perfect Custom Blackout Curtains for You

We hope you have enjoyed learning about blackout curtains and how they can help you to have a good night’s sleep. Remember that when choosing the perfect custom blackout curtains for your home, it’s important to select ones that are 100% opaque in a pattern that you love to help you drift off to dreamland. 



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