Top 8 Modern Curtain Styles You'll Love

Dining room with a wooden long table and brown chairs in front of window styled with Art Deco Palm Pattern Custom Curtains

Design trends come and go, and keeping up with the latest looks can be a difficult task. Some styles are timeless, while other fads fade in and out of the spotlight. 

This applies to interior design and home furnishings, and curtains are no exception. While they provide essential functions for your home — like creating privacy and keeping your room dark at night — they also play a big role in your home’s design. 

Our custom curtains can help ensure that your curtains meet your room’s design needs. Each of our products is sustainably made in the United States and ships in just seven days, so you can put the perfect finishing touch on your space quickly and easily.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of curtain styles that are modern, trending, and timeless all at once.

What Are Some of the Best Modern Curtain Styles?

These are some of our favorite modern curtain styles for any home.

Mauve Velvet Curtains

While color and pattern are important elements to consider when styling a home, so is texture. Velvet curtains are an excellent way to add an interesting design element to your room’s aesthetic. 

Mauve velvet curtains add a graceful flair to a room while not overpowering the other furnishings. If you would like your curtains to serve as a statement piece, you can opt for a darker or more striking color for a luxurious edge.

You can also add a velvet aspect to our linen or cotton curtains by adding a band to your design. Each of our curtains can be accented with trim options like pom poms, tassels, rick rack, and bands as the cherry on top of your custom design.

Botanical Patterned Curtains

Botanical prints are a fantastic way to add color and joy to a room. It’s no secret that plants make you happy — other than the benefits that real plants physically provide, though, simply the aesthetic of plants has been known to help soothe and relax the mind and body. 

This is one reason why botanical prints have become so popular. 

Whether your curtains are drawn for privacy or left open, you can enjoy the light, fun colors and patterns that plants provide. We recommend pairing botanical prints with light pastels to give your room an airy feel. 

Although these prints (like any style) can be universal, they are excellent for rooms in which you want to promote positive feelings and focus, like studies, children’s rooms, and nurseries.

Abstract Patterned Curtains

Navy Brushstokes Pattern Custom Curtains on metal rod in front of an illuminated window with a blue navy chair with a kid’s cap hanging from the top and a book and a pair of kid’s shoes stacked on top

Adding some abstract art to a room is always a fun design idea, and your curtains are one way you can easily incorporate these concepts into your space. A subtle light-colored curtain with an abstract pattern is a nice way to add an avant-garde edge to a room without being overwhelming. 

If your room is minimalistic, a more bold abstract curtain is an excellent way to add a focal point. If you’re choosing between a few beloved patterns, our Fabric Swatches are available to take out the guesswork and help you picture how a pattern will look in your space.

Subtle Sand-Colored Curtains

We recommend one focal point per room; if your curtain is the focal point, keep the rest of your design simple.

If you already have a strong focal point in your room, a more minimal curtain might be ideal. One perfect solution for this is a subtle sand-colored curtain. These curtains keep the room light and airy while adding a hint of design with their unpretentious patterns.

Sky Blue Curtains

A light blue curtain is perfect if you want to add color to your space while keeping its tone bright and breezy. Our Sky Blue Palm Curtains are wonderful for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, as they won’t fade from sun exposure. The sky blue also reflects well in a bright room. 

Not only does sky blue look beautiful in home designs, but the color itself is also known to be calming and bring about feelings of serenity. 

This choice can work in any area of your home, but we recommend it for living spaces, studies, and children’s rooms. We also recommend pairing these curtains with pillows that match to accent the color and bring blue hues in the room together.

Modern Colorway Curtains

Interior design moodboard and fabric inspirations with Navy Brushstokes Pattern Cotton Swatch, Sky and Navy Blue Poppy Cotton Swatch, and a Floral Blue Custom Wallpaper Swatch

Modern colorway curtains are a great way to bring pops of color into a room. They’re also an excellent base for a color scheme in a room. Consider the colors in your colorway curtain, and then think about how you can accent those colors with other furnishings around your room. 

Pairing your curtains with your wallpaper or smaller decor such as pillows and throws is an excellent way to accomplish this.

Curtains With Tailored Pleats

Our curtain construction options include tailored pleats, grommets, pinch pleats, rod pockets, and ring tops, each of which creates a different aesthetic addition to your design. 

Pinch pleats give your curtains a voluminous look, but if you’re looking for something sleeker, curtains with tailored pleats are the answer. Sophisticated yet subtle, curtains with tailored pleats add elegance and an interesting flair to your window through the use of texture.

Curtains With Grommets

Our newest style of curtain construction uses grommets for a fresh take on the classic ringed curtains. Because of the sturdiness of the grommets, curtains with grommets are excellent in rooms where you plan to open and close the curtains often, like living rooms and children’s rooms. 

Whether you use tailored pleats, grommets, or another construction style, our Curtain Construction Basics article can help you determine the best choice for your space, while our Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide can help you plan how to hang them.

When in doubt, our Curtain Calculator is here to help you install your custom curtains as easily as possible.

How To Pick the Best Window Curtain Design for Your Home

Every home is different, and it takes some careful planning to pick the best window curtain design for your space. 

Follow the steps below to create a cohesive and modern look. If you need extra help, our Style Guides are available to inspire curtain, wallpaper, and furniture design decisions for every type of space. 

Meanwhile, our design experts are available for personalized consultations through our Complimentary Design Assistance. Email, and we’ll get back to you within two business days.

Stick To a Consistent Color Palette

Keeping a consistent color scheme is the best way to ensure that the style of your room flows in a satisfying way. Consider your larger furniture pieces and their colors and patterns before committing to a color scheme. 

Design experts will suggest that choosing your base pieces for a room before committing to a color palette is best. This will help you create your color palette while selecting your furnishings. Then, you can go back and add accents based on the color palette you curate. 

Evaluate what curtains you are planning to commit to for your space and the colors they entail, then use these colors in your room’s color scheme to tie the space together. You can use our Spice Market resources to help find furniture, lighting, and more that pair beautifully with any custom design.

Match Modern Curtains With Modern Decor

Living room with grey couch and two brown leather armchairs next to an illuminated window styled with Green Tiger Custom Curtains in between a plant in a white pot on a circular stool

In that same vein, you can match your decor with your curtains to accent the room’s color scheme and add to the design of the space. 

Consider smaller pieces such as pillows and throws. With each curtain we offer, we also have curated a list of perfect pairs of pillows that match well with the custom curtains on each product page. The same applies to larger furnishings. 

Use Patterned Curtains as Accent Pieces

We mentioned earlier that we recommend fewer focal points so as not to overpower your space. A patterned curtain serves as the perfect statement piece. 

Large enough to be considered a considerable piece of wall art while also being a functional way to control lighting in your room, you can accomplish a design feat while also promoting privacy in your home. 

Modern floral patterns and pastels are excellent accent pieces during the spring and summer seasons. 

Put Blackout Curtains in the Bedroom

We recommend blackout curtains for the bedroom because blocking light is most important in this part of the home. 

We also recommend the rod pocket for curtains like this, as this construction style is best for curtains that will be opened less frequently. Our blackout curtains block all light, helping encourage deeper sleep.

Use Privacy Curtains in the Living Room and Dining Room

Since blackout curtains aren’t a necessity in more common spaces such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen, we recommend using privacy curtains in these rooms instead. 

These curtains allow for some natural light to get through, as they only block 70% of incoming light while also supporting your privacy. This way, you don’t plunge your room into darkness when you want to keep your room free from wandering eyes. 

Custom Curtains To Make Any View Better

Custom curtains not only allow you to enjoy your view from your window, but they also enhance the view by enhancing your indoor decor. 

When picking out your window treatments, it’s good to be aware of the modern styles that are trending so that you can get curtain ideas from these styles. Our list of modern curtain styles delves into a wide array of home decor fads that we hope you’ll implement when styling your curtains.



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