Top 4 Cute Modern Baby Nursery Ideas

Top 4 Cute Modern Baby Nursery Ideas

The arrival of a little one is one of the best times for a room makeover. Not only can you get creative and let a bit of your inner child out to play, but it’s also an opportunity to begin planning for the beautiful years ahead with your newborn baby. 

Today, we want to discuss the top four modern baby room ideas that will ensure your space looks cute and on-trend for many years to come.

A Modern Minimalist Nursery

One of the top trends for nurseries today is a modern minimalist nursery. This style incorporates the sleek simplicity of minimalism with neutral colors and natural textures for a calming space that will stand the test of time. 

While many are embracing minimalism throughout their homes, a nursery is a perfect place to implement this practice. The lack of clutter will help relax both you and your little one.

Some fantastic examples to be used in a DIY modern minimalistnursery design project are wicker and jute. These eco-friendly materials have a muted color scheme and are affordable and easy to access. The tan hues of these materials also perfectly align with the tan and white neutrals found in minimalist nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Many parents have begun opting for gender-neutral nursery decorating ideas rather than a girl’s or boy’s room, and modern minimalisthome decor makes this easy to accomplish. 

Many parents find that, especially if they’re looking to have more than one child, a minimal gender-neutral nursery theme makes reusing the space easy and doesn’t require multiple large makeovers. 

Once your babies have design desires of their own, you can easily add custom curtains, custom pillows, or new furniture pieces to redecorate the space whenever their tastes change.

Classic Black and White Nursery

You can never go wrong with a classic black and white duo when it comes to your new nursery room. These colors contrast perfectly with each other, and it’s easy to find wall decor and nursery furniture like rockers and changing tables in this simple color palette. 

We love to recommend white walls that make a small nursery feel larger and brighter, with black accents throughout the small space. Cool blues and purples look fantastic when added to the mix in the form of wall art or even an accent wall.

One fun and easy way to add a pattern to a black and white nursery is with a checkerboard pattern in the form of a wall decal or wallpaper on your nursery wall. This classic pattern has been on the rise in popularity over the past few years, and it looks like it’s here to stay. 

Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

While we mentioned that the modern minimalist nursery is a fabulous way to create a gender-neutral nursery, it isn’t the only way to decorate your space! Colorful gender-neutral nurseries are a fun way to bring in color to a space without having to commit to a baby boy nursery or a baby girl nursery. 

Colorful wallpapers with nature themes are a fun way to bring color into your nursery’s interior design plan. For example, you can make a genderless jungle-themed nursery this way. Animals make for a popular theme for nurseries, and they are a joyful and colorful way to keep a nursery gender-neutral while remaining fun and bright.

Modern Boho Nursery

The modern boho nursery is a fabulous way to embrace the always-trending bohemian style and express a love for nature at the same time. The boho style relies on elements like eclectic decor and free-spirited design. Greenery, throw pillows, and throw blankets are also excellent ways to incorporate boho style into your modern nursery.

We also love a detailed macrame wall hanging with it comes to decorating a boho nursery. Other elements, like decor inspired by countries in eastern Europe or Asia, are the perfect way to create a bohemian-style nursery.

How Do I Create My Dream Baby Nursery?

So, now it’s time to ask yourself another important question: How do you start creating your dream baby nursery? There’s no required first step to decorating your new family member’s living space, but starting with certain goals in mind will make this process simple for you.

Create a Custom Wallpaper

The walls of a nursery play such a big role in the design of the space, so it’s no wonder that creating a custom wallpaper is an important role in nursery decoration. Whether this is your first step or your last step, finding the right wallpaper for the space is crucial in tying together the decor of the room.

If you’re going for a more neutral look, subtle wallpaper might be best for your nursery. It can serve as a pleasant backdrop without taking too much attention from other decor. However, if you want your wallpaper to be more of a feature in your nursery, colorful patterns and pretty pastels might be the right direction for you to go in.

You can also use custom wallpaper to make a statement wall in your nursery. For example, you may have three solid-colored walls but want to use wallpaper to create a fourth, eye-catching statement piece. Custom wallpaper is the perfect way to accomplish this! 

With our Wallpaper Calculator, helpful swatches, and Wallpaper FAQ, designing custom wallpaper has never been easier. You can even use our Wallpaper Paint Guide to help you choose a wallpaper that seamlessly pairs with your existing wall paint for a match made in heaven. 

Design Statement Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a must-have for any room where you’re trying to get some sleep, and nurseries are no exception. Blackout curtains cancel out 100% of outdoor light so that you can sleep soundly every night (and for your little ones, every day during their many naps).

Since blackout curtains are a necessity for a nursery, they’re also a key element of your room’s design. Designing custom blackout curtains for your nursery is not only easy but efficient as well, thanks to Pepper Home. 

Make sure to take advantage of our Curtain Calculator to guarantee you customize the perfect curtains for your nursery! 

Of course, there are plenty of choices to be made when customizing your curtains. Pick from five construction options, including tailored pleat, grommet, pinch pleat, rod pocket, and ring top, with help from our Curtain Hardware Recommendations resource, and use our swatches to find the curtain trim of your dreams, whether that’s rick rack, tassels, pom poms, or bands.

Pick a Soothing Paint Color

If you are planning to paint any element of your nursery, it’s vital that you choose a soothing color. Multiple elements of your nursery work together to create a relaxing environment for your baby to sleep in, like your blackout curtains and a comforting rocking chair for soothing a little one to sleep. The color of your paint also plays a role in all of this.

Light colors, like soft blues, mild purples, and pastel pinks are all ideal for a nursery. Use these colors as accents throughout your nursery for a look that is both pleasing to the eye and soothing to your little one.

Just like our Wallpaper Paint Guide, our Fabric Paint Guide can help you find a paint color that matches your custom curtains or pillows without any of the guesswork.

Look Through Style Guides for Inspiration

When styling your nursery, you can find an abundance of information online. From social media #inspo to our style guides that are specifically curated for you, you can always find design inspiration at Pepper Home.

If you’re ever looking for live help, though, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our in-house design experts are on hand to help you achieve all your nursery decor dreams. Take advantage of our Complimentary Design Assistance next time you are looking to update any element in your home!

How Can I Add Pops of Color to a Modern Nursery?

While we tend to go for more mellow colors when designing a nursery, that doesn’t mean you can’t add fun pops of color to the room! There are so many different ways you can bring elements of color into your nursery, but we will cover just a few!

Add a Soft Accent Throw and Pillow

Top 4 Cute Modern Baby Nursery Ideas

Throw blankets and throw pillows are amazing ways to add color and comfort to a nursery. These can be additions to your crib for your little one’s coziness or additions to your room's seating — such as a rocking chair or sofa — for your own personal comfort. 

Pepper Home’s curtains and custom pillows are both made sustainably in the U.S. and ship within seven days so that you can enjoy your nursery refresh as soon as you dream it up.

Include a Stylish and Durable Rug

Rugs are a fantastic staple decor piece for any room. They’re the perfect way to add color and pattern to the room while also being a functional way to protect your floor and a lesser-known way to keep yourself warm, especially during those colder months.

When picking out a rug for your nursery, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first would be the placement of your rug. Where you place your rug determines how well your furnishings flow together. We recommend a rug large enough that each main furnishing in your nursery can slightly overlap with the rug, to tie everything together.

Our collaboration with Loom & Co. can help you find a nursery rug that pairs perfectly with your curtains and wallpaper for an effortlessly cohesive design.

Choose Custom Fabric for Your Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a nursery essential. It’s the perfect place to lull your sweet one to sleep and spend time bonding with them as well. 

Rocking chairs are also super customizable, too! You can pick out a custom pillowscape to ensure your rocking chair pairs well with your other furnishings, such as your wallpaper or your curtains, and our Spice Market guide can help you choose matching furniture pieces that align with your design needs.

An Oasis That You and Your Little One Will Love

Decorating and preparing for the arrival of a new little family member is so exciting. It can also leave you with lots of questions, like where to start and what the necessities are. This is why we created a guide with inspiration for the top four modern nursery ideas that currently trending (and that will stand the test of time as your little one grows up). We hope this leaves you excited and looking forward to future design endeavors!


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