Where To Get Custom Curtains

Living room with a clear coffee table in front of a beige couch styled with two green pillows and two blue botanical Ikat custom pillows in front of an illuminated window with blue botanical Ikat custom curtains

Are you trying to find the perfect curtains for your home, but nothing seems to check off all the boxes? Maybe you’re even unsure of which boxes you wanted checked off in the first place. Whether you know exactly what you want but aren’t sure how to get it or you don’t even know where to start, Pepper Home is here to help.

We’ve created a guide that covers where and how to find custom curtains that will meet all of your needs. Our custom curtains are sustainably made-to-order in the United States with all of the options you need to create the curtains of your dreams. 

How Do Custom Drapes Elevate Your Home Decor?

Curtains serve multiple purposes in a home. They provide privacy, they can block harsh lights from the outside world, and they’re an important interior design consideration. Like any other form of wall art, curtains can be used to express your personality or enhance your home’s style. 

Add a Touch of Color to a Room 

Our custom curtains are the perfect way to add a pop of color into your room. A rich, solid colored curtain can serve as a dramatic statement piece, especially in a room filled with light neutrals. 

A brightly-colored patterned curtain can add energy and excitement to a room. Alternatively, a neutral, soft-colored drape is a lovely way to enhance a room’s design while keeping its energy calm. 

Use Custom Drapery as Accent Pieces

A brightly colored curtain can accent your existing room design, especially if you create contrast between your curtain and the wall. 

Brightly-colored, eclectic patterns are a fun accent piece that adds vitality and color to your space. We recommend highlighting these accent works by incorporating complementing colors and patterns into your other decor by using pillows and throws.

Get Functionality and Style

Outside of their stylistic purposes, drapes serve a few essential functions in your home. 

Drapes give you the option to let in light while reflecting color into your room, providing privacy when needed, or blocking out light for improved sleep. While semi-sheer or sheer curtains, Roman shades, and window treatments provide little function, options such as Pepper Home’s blackout and privacy shades can help you feel comfortable and secure in your home.

We recommend using our privacy curtains in common living areas such as the living room or dining room because they obscure only 70% of light. That way, you can close your curtains for privacy without entirely losing natural light, so as not to leave the room in complete darkness.

Blackout curtains are a wise option for sleeping areas such as bedrooms and nurseries because blackout lining obscures 100% of light coming through your windows. This light control helps keep out the sun when it is unwanted and block artificial lights from the outside, like cars and streetlights. In turn, this promotes healthy and restful sleep. 

The level of room darkening and light filtering you’ll find in your curtains is just one more aspect of curtain design you’ll want to consider when designing your perfect window coverings.

Find Custom Window Curtains That Match Your Home’s Color Scheme

Pepper Home offers cotton curtains, linen curtains, and velvet curtain designs so that everyone can create the ideal curtain panels for their homes. With over 30 pattern options and a variety of embellishments such as pom poms, tassels, rick racks, and accent bands to choose from, there are options for every aesthetic and color scheme.

Identify your room’s ideal colors scheme and find curtains that complement each room in your home. An easy way to make sure your curtain matches the rest of your decor is to order a fabric sample for in-person comparison. 

Experiment With Creative Patterns

Patterns are a fun way to add flair to your home and express your style. Trying a new pattern can be like adding a fresh piece of artwork to your room, and you can even experiment with mixing patterns to add energy to your space. 

As you plan your home decor, it’s essential to trust the process. Trying fresh colors and changing your design elements around with the seasons is natural. The curtains you choose today don’t have to be a permanent fixture for decades to come — as your mood and style changes, your curtain design can change alongside you.

How Do You Pick Custom Curtains? 7 Steps

Coral Velvet Custom curtains with a Pink Floral Custom band on metal rod in front of an illuminated window with a Green Moss Velvet chair with a Pink Floral Custom Pillow on top

Talk To a Design Expert

The simplest way to start the design process is to seek out expert advice. Our team offers complimentary design assistance for advice on color schemes, sizing, style, and beyond. 

Pepper Home’s experts can help you coordinate your space’s many design elements while providing actionable advice for enhancements. For any question that comes to mind, don’t hesitate to ask our in-house helpers.

Get Style Inspiration Online

The internet offers a treasure trove of style inspiration. 

Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are helpful places to search for design ideas. There are plenty of YouTube channels that focus specifically on home decor where you can see certain ideas in action in a real home space.

Choose Between Blackout Curtains and Privacy Curtains

While the fashionable choices surrounding your curtains are certainly important, we haven’t forgotten about their functionality. Ask yourself which room you’re choosing these curtains for and what purpose they need to serve, especially when it comes to light filtering. 

Blackout curtains would be ideal for rooms like bedrooms or nurseries because they obscure light from passing into the room, which helps promote restful sleep. In rooms like the living room, dining room, or kitchen, however, full darkness might not be ideal. 

As we mentioned above, privacy curtains give you the option to close your home off from the outside world without taking away all of the natural light in your space.

Decide on Your Curtain’s Construction

Color and pattern are only half the battle when designing custom curtains.

Our curtain measurement and installment guide can help you walk through additional considerations like construction styles, rod placement, and installation. Choose between pleat styles like rod pocket, grommet, ring top, pinch pleat, and tailored pleat constructions — each of which suit distinct room design styles, explained more fully in our Custom Curtain Style blog post. 

Once you’ve chosen construction details and pleat drapery, don’t forget the finishing touches — accessories like decorative rods, rings, headers, and tiebacks can add a little extra oomph to really personalize your spce. Our curtain hardware edit on the Spice Market has plenty of options for any room design.

Identify Your Home’s Color Scheme

Interior design moodboard and fabric inspirations with Yellow Canary printed cotton, Rose Floral printed cotton swatch, and Coral Velvet swatch

When you are identifying or creating a color scheme, you want to be familiar with the styles available so you can find the style that suits you. Do you prefer colors that contrast with each other? Perhaps you prefer similar hues filling your space? Or maybe you’re drawn to neutral colors like tan, off-white, or taupe?

Keeping in mind the colors you enjoy and how they work together, you can determine what your personal color scheme is. 

You can also use different pieces of your decor to determine what color scheme your home already has. You can take pictures and make a collage to help you create a palette to work from. 

Once you’ve done this, you can compare curtain patterns to your home to see what print flows best with your home's color scheme.

Choose Your Trim

When designing your custom curtains, you will also need to choose if you want your curtains to have a trim or not. If you do, then you need to decide what trim you want on your curtains and where. 

Do you want your trim to be on the outer edge, inner edge, or both? Do you want the trim to line the bottom? And lastly, what color and pattern do you want your trim to be?

Measure Your Windows

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of these design and construction choices, our Curtain Calculator can help you determine the right curtain measurement for your window, construction details, and beyond.

Make sure you decide what size drapery panels you need and how many panels you’ll need before you make your purchase. If curtains are too small, too large, or disproportionate, it can reduce their functionality (and look funky in your space, to boot).

Because your curtains are custom, you want to make sure they’re made properly so that they fit your window.

Elegant, Premium-Quality Custom Curtains

Once you’ve gathered your list of preferences and measurements for your custom curtains, remember that you can use Pepper Home’s curtain measurement finder to discover which curtains are going to be ideal for your home. 

Next, it’s time to pick out your perfect fabric. Keeping your home’s color scheme in mind, you can browse through our many styles of curtains to find the one that’s right for your home. 

Whether you have already decided or are torn between different textiles, you can order free swatches of our fabrics to try them out in real life to make sure they are right for your living space. 

Once you’ve chosen your customizable curtains, your order will be shipped within seven business days — we understand how important it is to get the perfect custom curtains to tie your home decor together. 


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