Behind the Design: Gift Market by Weezie

Red headed woman sitting on a blue chair next to a blonde woman standing in a black dress next to two mannequins with robes on in front of a dressing room with sky blue botanical curtains

Meet Weezie co-founders, Liz and Lindsey! Weezie is our go-to brand for plush bath towels and soft robes so we were so excited when they reached out about outfitting their holiday pop-up in Atlanta with some Pepper prints. Follow along to see how Emma Sky and Blake Mint added some spice to the Gift Market!


We’ve been huge fans of Weezie since the beginning! Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you got started!

Thank you so much! We’ve been friends for over a decade since living in New York as post-grads, Lindsey in finance and Liz working in graphic design. The idea for Weezie came to us when Liz was buying towels off her own wedding registry.  She had just moved from a tiny New York apartment to a new house in Savannah, and was so excited for a linen refresh! 

However, the initial excitement quickly faded to frustration. She was overwhelmed by the countless options, confusing jargon, and archaic, offline purchase experience. She shared her experience with Lindsey, only to find that she did not love her towels either. The more people we talked to, we realized how widely shared our feelings were!

Fast forward, countless hours of consumer research and months of product development later, we launched in October 2018 to finally bring the perfect, modern luxury towel to market.

Left photo of two woman standing in front of a storefrton window that says "Weezie" with sky blue botanical wallpaper and white hand towels hanging, right photo of close up of blue spotted robes hanging on an acrylic rod


What inspired you to open Gift Market by Weezie?

We've known we wanted to launch a retail pop-up since before we even launched, but the timing nor the location never felt quite right! We have used the last three years to learn what our customers really want out of a physical space: the ability to touch and feel the product, try on different robe sizes, and draw inspiration from piping colors and embroidery options in person. The pop-up, open through January 2022, incorporates all of these learnings in the perfect sunlit corner location in Buckhead's Andrews Square.

close up of white handtowel with blue WHM monogram hanging on sky blue botanical wallpaper


We love that you and your designer, Anna-Wooten Loggins, chose various female-founded brands to outfit the store. How did you choose which brands to include?

Many of the partners we worked with are companies we have met over the past 3 years, like yours! They are brands we respect and admire and we are so grateful they partnered with us on the space. Our lighting is from Circa, chairs from The Inside, ottomans from Coley Home, hardware from Luxholdups, and of course, show-stopping curtains and wallpaper from Pepper!

Close up of blue, pink, and yellow patterned robes hanging on a lucite rod in front of mint green floral wallpaper


What was your design vision for the popup?

Our fabulous interior design partner, Anna-Wooten Loggins, said it best: “the goal was to create a shoppable space that felt distinctly like Weezie, with enough nods to a primary bath that guests could imagine bringing Weezie products into their own homes.”  

Left photo of blue, pink, and yellow patterned robes hanging on a lucite rod in front of mint green floral wallpaper, right photo of two women standing in front of sky blue botancial curtains in front of dressing rooms


Emma Sky is the perfect shade of Weezie blue! How did you land on this print for the dressing room curtains and wallpaper in the front of the store?

We couldn’t agree more! It truly is the perfect Weezie blue hue, and we love that the pattern feels both sophisticated and playful at the same time - much like our brand! As such, Emma Sky became one of the first jumping off points for the space, and really helped set the tone for the rest of the store.

Sky blue botanical curtains hanging on two dressing rooms next to four mannequins in blue and white robes in front of a window and blue chair


We love how Blake looks as a backdrop to the crisp white robes. What drew you to the Blake Mint wallpaper?

As do we! In sourcing for the space, Anna-Wooten set out to create a space that felt more like a home than a retail store. Blake Mint helps achieve that comfortable, cozy atmosphere we were craving. We were immediately drawn to its floral print, and loved that the colors felt so complementary to Emma Sky.


What’s your dream Weezie + Pepper combo for a jewel-box bathroom?

Liz: Thatcher Forest + Black Piped Hand Towels with Hudson “E” in Black Thread

Lindsey: Jasper Emerald + Red Piped Hand Towels with Waverly “guest” in Red Thread

green art deco wallpaper paired with a white handtowel with black monogramming next to modern spripe wallpaper paired with a white hand towel with red "guest" monogramming 

Color crush of the moment:

Liz: Chocolate Brown

Lindsey: Coral


Wallpaper or paint?

Liz: More is always more when it comes to wallpaper!

Lindsey: Ditto


Go-to hostess gift during the holidays?

Liz: Weezie Tissue Box Cover or Weezie x Susan Gordon Pottery

Lindsey: Weezie Makeup Towels or a Women’s Short Robe for her to wrap up in post-party