Blue Bathroom Refresh

Blue gingham wallpaper

@redefinedky Recently transformed her bathroom into a fresh, blue oasis using two of our best-selling products: Frida Blue Fabric and Ginger Sky Wallpaper. Ginger's uneven line weights and sky blue palette create a chic and soothing vibe for a bathroom retreat while Amanda's DIY Frida Blue sconces add an extra level of sophistication! Follow along to see the before and after.



Woman standing in front of a mirror in a bathroom with grey walls and white vanity



Bathoom with blue gingham wallpaper styled with a white mirror and brass light fixtures and faucet on a white vanity

Close up of blue gingham wallpaper


Love this look? Order a swatch of our Frida Blue Fabric and Ginger Sky Wallpaper to see if it will work in your space!