Curtain FAQs

We believe a room is never complete until the windows are dressed. Our custom curtains are designed to fit the needs of your space, so we want to make sure you have all the facts before making a purchase. Follow along to see what customers are asking about our curtains!

Are panels sold individually or as a pair?

Panels are sold individually. 

What panel widths do you offer?

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we have you covered with three different widths—25”, 50”, or 100”.

I need help choosing panel width and length. Where do I start? 

Our team of trusted engineers created a simple to use measurement finder to help you determine how many panels you need and at what length and width. Click here to get started!

I don't see the pattern I want on the custom curtains page. Are all of your patterns available as curtains?

Yes! If you don't see the pattern you are interested in on our custom curtains page email and we will send you a custom invoice.

What is the difference between ring top, pinch pleat and rod pocket?

We broke down everything you need to know about the construction options we offer in our Custom Curtain Styles blog post. 

Do you have any curtain hardware recommendations?

Yes! For rod pocket construction, we suggest a 1.25" or smaller rod to accommodate sewn pocket. Head to our Curtain Hardware Edit in the Spice Market to shop some of our go-to rods and finials. 

What's the difference between privacy and blackout lining?

Privacy lets a bit of light in while blackout lining lets you sleep in. 

Are curtain rings included in a purchase? 

No, rings are not included. However, curtain hooks are sewn in on ring top and pinch pleat panels. See below for how many rings you need to purchase for each panel.

What type of curtain rings should I purchase?

For ring top and pinch pleat construction, you should purchase double rings (like the below) from your curtain rod manufacturer. See some of our favorites in the Spice Market.

How do I choose the correct panel length?

For rod pocket, measure the distance between the top of the rod to the floor. Subtract 1/2" from your measurement for a clean look. For a puddling effect, add 3-4" to the rod to floor measurement.

For pinch pleat and ring top, measure from the bottom of the rod to the floor and subtract 1" (.5" for the ring and .5" to hang slightly above the floor).

Click here for a detailed curtain measurement guide. 

Do you sell roman shades?

Not at the moment. We suggest purchasing our fabric by the yard and working with your local upholsterer to create the look you want.

I want to order pillows to match my curtains. How do I know what patterns work together?

We designed our collection to easily mix and match. Each product page features a Perfect Pairs section which provides prints that match that specific product. Need additional help? Fill out this form or email our design team at for complimentary assistance! 

Can I return a curtain order?

As our curtains are custom and made-to-order, they cannot be exchanged or returned.

What is the lead time for custom curtains?

Our curtains are made in the USA and shipped in 10 days or less (unless the fabric is marked as pre-order). 

What's the best way to clean curtains?

Our custom curtains should be dry cleaned or spot treated only. Machine washing your curtains can lead to tears or rips in the fabric due to the bulkiness and hooks on certain styles. Click here for our Product Care Guide. 

What is the finished width of a pinch pleat curtain panel?

The construction of pinch pleat curtains creates built-in volume and they are skinnier at the top than the bottom. If you order a 50” wide pinch pleat panel, for example, the top will have a finished width of 50” while the bottom will be 100” wide. 

Do your curtains have seams?

Our fabric is 54” wide so 100” width ring top or rod pocket curtains and 50”/100” wide pinch pleat curtains will have a seam where two pieces are sewn together.

What’s an engineered seam and why do you not use them?

An engineered seam is a seam that matches the pattern perfectly where the fabric is connected. Achieving this is extremely costly and would waste 2-3 yards of fabric per panel! Therefore, due to our commitment to zero waste manufacturing and providing beautiful products for the best price, we cannot guarantee engineered seams. Since seams are only used in our super-wide curtains, it is rarely noticeable because of how full they are. 

Still have more questions? Email us at and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.