Wallpaper FAQs


You've got questions, we've got answers. See below for a list of frequently asked questions from our customers regarding our custom wallpaper. 

What is the width of the wallpaper?

Our wallpaper is printed on 27" wide trimmed clay coated paper (arrives untrimmed).

What is the fire rating of the wallpaper?

Class A based on ASTM-E84 standard testing for smoke generation and flame spread.

Is your wallpaper eco-friendly?

Yes, we digitally print with water-based latex inks which deliver outstanding image quality, consistency, and durability. Our inks are odorless and meet high standards of environmental responsibility:

  • UL ECOLOGO® Certified for reduced environmental impact
  • UL GREENGUARD GOLD® Certified for low chemical emissions
  • Meet AgBB criteria for low VOC emissions

The wallpaper is also FSC Certified ensuring responsible use of forest resources certified by a third party. It's coated with water-based, Titanium Dioxide clay coating for superior opacity and strippability

Is the wallpaper bathroom friendly?

Yes! Our wallpaper may be used in ventilated bathrooms—even ones with showers and tubs. To assure the quality of the wallpaper is maintained, we recommend that it is not placed in splash zones (e.g. inside the shower).

A standard roll is equivalent to how many yards?

One standard roll is equivalent to 5 yards. A double roll is the same as 10 yards.

What is the lead time on a wallpaper order?

Our wallpaper is printed to order and has a 4 week lead time. 2 week rush is available at checkout for an additional $275.

Do you offer custom colors for wallpaper?

Yes! There is a $150 fee for a custom colorway. If you would like a strike-off, it takes 2-3 weeks plus a $75 fee. Interested in a custom color? Email us at hello@pepper-home.com for more information.

Do you offer peel and stick wallpaper?

Not at this time. All of our wallpaper is traditional paste wallpaper. 

Is the wallpaper pre-pasted?

No, our wallpaper is not pre-pasted. We recommend applying a clear premixed adhesive to the back of the paper. See our detailed installation instructions here.

Why does the wallpaper arrived untrimmed?

Most traditional high-end wallpaper arrives untrimmed for a variety of reasons. The selvage area allows the installer to quickly determine the pattern repeat and match by referring to join marks on the paper edge. This allows them to have more control when matching seams. Having an untrimmed roll also prevents the chance of damage during shipping. If an end gets damaged, the paper is protected and you discard the selvage. 

Do you have wallpaper order minimums?

Yes, our wallpaper is sold by the linear yard on a continuous bolt and has a 5 yard order minimum.

How do I know how many yards to order?

Our team of trusted engineers created a simple-to-use calculator to easily determine the correct yardage for your project. Just input your wall, window, and door measurements and the calculator will do the rest. Click here to test it out!

Is the wallpaper washable?

Standard clay coating allows for very light cleaning. A clean/smooth sponge with mild soap and water should work, but definitely test in an inconspicuous area first.

Can I order a swatch before placing an order?

Yes! Head to our wallpaper swatch page to see the colors IRL before you buy.

Can I return a wallpaper order?

No, print to order items are final sale. 

Do you have detailed hanging instructions?

Yes! You can view them here.

Do your wallpapers have a straight match or a half drop?

All of our wallpapers use a straight match. There are tick marks to show your installer how to match the pattern.

Do you offer commercial grade wallpaper?

Yes! We can print on Type II paper, an eco-friendly vinyl alternative. Please reach out to trade@pepper-home.com for more information.

Do you have any recommendations for wallpaper installers?

Yes! Here is a list of vetted wallpaper installers. We also recommend checking out the Wallpaper Installers Association to locate an installer in your area.

Still have more questions? Email us at hello@pepper-home.com and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.