Decorating With Gorgeous Velvets

Close up of light pink and coral velvet fabric swatches with pink wavy trim and pink piping on top

Velvet fabric adds such a luxe element to any space. There’s no need to go all out and purchase all new velvet furniture, though. Even when used solely in pillow form, the textile adds so much sophistication to a room. “Often associated with the holidays, velvets have become a year-round essential and can easily transform a space to make it not only glamorous but super cozy,” comments Jen Segall of Jen Segall Design. “Velvets are a go-to for me in my design."

Keep in mind that there are countless ways to integrate velvet into any room of your home. Pillows look lovely in the living room, family room, and bedroom, and Pepper makes it easy to design your own custom pieces that you’ll cherish for years to come. Same goes with curtains—velvet curtains will liven up your living or dining room and it’s easy to design your own thanks to Pepper. You can also purchase velvet fabric and design your own swoonworthy headboard or ottoman to make your space really sing. 

Paige Garland of Paige Garland Interiors appreciates velvet for several reasons. “Velvet adds depth and warmth to any space and can be used as a fun contrast against other materials that don’t have that same sheen,” she says. Garland suggests easing into velvet by upholstering an accent chair in the fabric. “See how you feel about it,” she says. “You’ll probably fall in love!” Interior designer Beth Martin also enjoys a beautiful velvet accent chair or sofa. “It’s a fun but classic way to set the stage for any room,” she says. “This luxurious fabric is the perfect way to tone down harsh lines and merge design styles.”

Speaking of merging design styles, using velvet is an excellent way to mix the masculine and feminine within a room, Martin adds. “I love balancing furniture with modern or more masculine lines with candy-colored velvet as an unexpected but stylish pairing,” she explains. “You can also make an ultra-modern space instantly more approachable and comfortable by adding a statement piece covered in velvet.”

Ready to get started and hop on the velvet bandwagon? It shouldn’t be too challenging, given that there are so many fabulous velvet hues to choose from. “Something I love about velvet is how versatile it is in different shades, from sultry jewel tones and bright vivids to soft pastels,” Garland shares. Better yet, Pepper has recently launched three new velvet fabrics: a pear, rose, and sea salt color.

Note that as always, you can order samples of these fabrics right to your door so that you can see, feel, and admire before making a purchase. And note that velvet is known for being able to put up with life’s little challenges. “The best thing about this fabric is that it may look delicate but is shockingly durable,” Martin says. “This makes it the perfect material for any space you want to feel chic and elevated but where you can still relax.”