How To Create A Jewel Box Bathroom

When it comes to designing a bathroom, there’s no reason that you can’t have a little bit of fun with this jewel box space. Powder rooms in particular are a fun place in which to experiment with pattern and color without having to worry about purchasing corresponding pieces of furniture or too many accessories. As Gina Sims of Gina Sims Designs says, “The essence of a jewel box space is being enveloped,” and the bathroom couldn’t be a more perfect example. 

Below, we’re rounding up a few ways to make your bathroom pop—because who says this everyday space can’t be stylish?

Design by Bowdre Longo Interiors


Install Wallpaper–As Well As Paint

As we noted above, the bathroom can be a fun place to get a little playful from a design perspective. Sims likes the idea of covering all four bathroom walls with wallpaper and also installing it on the ceiling. In case you haven’t noticed, wallpaper ceilings are everywhere these days. They add so much personality and whimsy to any room and are sure to stand out to guests who come by!

Design by M. Fox Interior Design

If you’re looking to combine wallpaper and paint in the bathroom, Sims also provides a helpful tip. “Trim in a color that's in the paper is an easy win but it does not necessarily have to match,” she says. “It can just go!”


Make Custom Sconces

If your bathroom has so-so lighting, you’ll want to remedy that! Say goodbye to everyday builder grade fixtures and install sconces instead. Sconces are so charming, and best of all, you can create your own customized versions for a one of a kind look. We suggest doing so using some of our fabric by the yard. As Sims notes, “Additional patterns on a lampshade or art or vintage rug are another way to make [the bathroom] feel layered and lovely!” 

Going for a coastal look in the bathroom? Consider making sconces out of our Emma Sky Fabric in blue and white. They would look beautiful paired with wallpaper in the same pattern—we make it easy to develop a consistent look throughout your space. Alternatively, you could make custom sconces out of one of a solid fabric, such as Fern Velvet, a dreamy deep green. Pair those with a printed wallcovering—Thatcher Forest, perhaps? Our fabrics are designed to be able to mix and match with ease, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairings. We’re excited to see what you come up with for your own space! 


Order Swatches To Make Sure Your Choice Is Solid

Keep in mind that before making any major design decisions pertaining to wallpaper, it’s always smart to order a sample of the prints you like, which you can closely review from the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of our $5 wallpaper swatches, which measure 8 by 8 inches in size and ship out within just a few days. The hard part will simply be narrowing down your list of favorites!


Need help picking patterns for your bathroom? Email our design team at for complimentary assistance!