Decorating With Green

Green is having a major moment these days, and it’s certainly a popular color here at Pepper, too! If you’re wondering how exactly to introduce green into your home, read on for tips from interior designers, who share several of their favorite ways to decorate with the hue.


Don't Forget To Incorporate Some Plant Life

If you’re decorating a space with green, be sure to incorporate some actual greens—in the form of plants—too! “Almost every home I design incorporates a ‘plant layer,’ including real or faux greens to bring life to each space,” explains Jennie Deming of Navy Lane Design

Pictured here: Hockney Moss curtains. Design by Love Living Here

Mimi Meacham of Marian Louise Designs agrees, noting, “We love bringing nature indoors by popping a fiddle leaf tree in a corner or adding a moss bowl to a tablescape.” 

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of realistic looking fake plants on the market today—your guests will be none the wiser. 


Don't Underestimate The Importance Of Small Details

When Deming designed a home that featured a green kitchen island and green bathroom vanity, she wanted to ensure that the hue was present throughout the house in smaller ways as well. “Since the home was open concept, I added a subtle green in the living room drapery panels, piping on a neutral pillow, and in the accessories,” she explains. Small touches like these result in a more cohesive, intentional looking space. 

Pictured here: Eden Grey and Hockney Moss pillows piped in Moss. Design by Elizabeth Burch Interiors


Vary Shades Of Green

Keep in mind that there are so many shades of green to work with, why not mix and match? “It's easy to find a tone that fits your personal style and works well with other complementary colors,” notes Paige Dick of Paige Designs. Dick likes using sage green in her spaces—Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre is one of her favorite paint colors. 

Pictured here: Flour curtains with Fern Velvet trim and Fern Velvet pillows 

Meacham echos similar sentiments. “For the walls, using a softer, lighter green can help you achieve a more tranquil, peaceful vibe,” she explains. “Going bold with darker green really gives you a moody and sophisticated aesthetic (which we also love!). 

Pictured here: Thatcher Forest wallpaper


Pair Green With Blue

Can’t decide between green and blue? Go ahead and implement both colors in your space, Meacham says. “We love pairing greens with different shades of blue for a playful, yet traditional feel,” she comments. “Adding some green into the scheme can totally transform your space, making it feel inviting and fresh! You can go SO many different directions with green and that’s the beauty of bringing this shade into your space. When searching for a color that pairs well, you don’t have to look too far.” 

Pictured here: Emma Sky and Frida Green pillows


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