Table Talk With Jasmine Crockett

Meet Jasmine! She's the founder and CEO of Joy Meets Home, a full-service boutique interior design studio located in Atlanta, GA. She recently created a fresh living room pillowscape with Hockney, Warby, Sky and Fern. Follow along to learn a little more Jasmine and see how she styled some of our fan-favorite prints and solids!


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Jasmine Crockett and I am a lifestyle influencer, interior designer, and mom of 2. I’m the founder of Joy Meets Home, an interior design and lifestyle brand on a mission to create approachable and elevated interiors that inspire a sense of joy.


How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?

I would describe my style as approachable and elevated but attainable. I gravitate towards transitional spaces with neutral tones and small pops of colors that leave you feeling whole and you don’t feel the need to change it within 6 months.


What does your home say about you?

My home says about me that I value peace and joy. I created my space that no matter what my family and I are doing or where we are in the home, it always feels like home.


Walk us through how you styled the pillows! How did you choose which patterns and piping to use?

I used the pillows to bring the pop of subtle color to our living room space. This is a perfect and easy way to decorate for the seasons like spring when you want to bring the outdoors in without making any permanent changes.


How do you approach styling with different sizes? What's your rule of thumb for how many pillows go on a sofa?

I have kids so I try not to go overboard with pillow styling on the sofa. I believe the rule of 3’s play well in this space so you don’t go overboard taking away from the couch or room.


Do you stick to any design rules when mixing and matching patterns and colors?

No, I believe it’s your space so whatever brings you happiness you should do.


One of our mottos is "a little goes a long way". What are a few ways to elevate your living room that don't require a full renovation or splurging on new furniture?

As I mentioned above, pillows and smaller decor changes like rugs are a great way to elevate your space without going overboard on budget and having to renovate. Paint can also really change a space which is still minimal work but gives your space the permanent change without breaking down walls.


Favorite design book?

The New Design Rules by Emily Henderson

Color crush of the moment?

Benjamin Moore Dark Olive

Wallpaper or paint?


Favorite project you've worked on?

My home!


Loving Jasmine's picks? Shop the look below!

Hockney Moss / 20” Square /  No Piping

Hockney Sky / 18” Square  / No Piping

Fern Velvet / 20” Square  / No Piping

Sky Velvet / 20” Square / Midnight Piping

Warby / 18” Square / No Piping