4 Ways to Style Serena Sea Salt

Calm and cool, our Serena Sea Salt pattern is perfect for those who can’t get enough of dreamy blues and greens. Its design was inspired by florals and seashells, making the pattern especially excellent for a coastal space. We asked designers how exactly they envision using this charming print throughout the home, and they chime in below with four clever applications. 


Install Wallpaper In the Powder Room

Create a jewel box of a powder room by coating the walls with Serena Sea Salt wallpaper, suggests Karen Korn of Karen Korn Interiors. “I would pair it with a periwinkle vanity that matches the color in the wallpaper, a crisp white vanity top, and chrome plumbing fixtures,” she elaborates. “I like the idea of the palette feeling soft and soothing, like a fresh breeze. To me, that is how the wallpaper feels.” When it comes to accessories—such as a soap dispenser, linens, and tissue box cover—opt for items that are plain white, Korn suggests, “so that the showstopper is clearly the wallpaper.” 

Go Big In the Guest Room

Korn also envisions using the Serena Sea Salt pattern in a guest bedroom and imagines “enveloping the entire room in this serene pattern and color palette.” This means opting for Serena Sea Salt wallpaper, curtains, and pillows, she says. Korn suggests keeping bed linens more simple and opting for a white coverlet and a white duvet cover folded at the bottom of the bed. Next up, she would place Serena Sea Salt euro shams with velvet piping as well as a lumbar pillow made from the fabric on top. “I would add a fluffy blanket at the end of the bed for color and texture,” the designer adds. “For this room, I would use whitewashed furniture with brass accents to bring out the gold color in the fabric.” 

Pictured here: Serena Sea Salt curtainsSerena Sea Salt Euro ShamsFern Velvet lumbar


Create A Coastal Bedroom

Everyone craves a calming bedroom to step into at the end of a long day, and Payal Bansal of Payal Bansal Interiors recommends using the Serena Sea Salt pattern to “create a serene coastal look.” Take some Serena Sea Salt wallpaper and install an accent wall, she says. “This will create a statement piece in the room and add a lot of visual interest.” Then, add in some white bedding, a navy blue throw blanket, and light wood furniture, the designer instructs. “Add some decorative accents in light green or sandy beige to complete the coastal look.” 

Pictured here: Serena Sea Salt curtains, Mirabella Euro Shams, 20" Serena Sea Salt pillows, Loomi Moss lumbar


Reupholster Dated Dining Chairs

Bansal suggests giving new life to well-loved furniture by taking on a reupholstery project featuring the Serena Sea Salt fabric. One possible application? Dining chairs! “Pair them with a  natural wood dining table and white dinnerware,” Bansal offers. “Add some textured accessories in cream or beige to keep the look neutral and sophisticated.” 

Pictured here: Serena Sea Salt curtains


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