Tips on Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

Design by Cindy O'Brien Design

Feeling blah about the state of your bathroom? It turns out, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your loo without taking on a renovation project, whether you own your home or rent. Below are some of our favorite ways to make an impact in this space—and we’ve also asked designers to weigh in with some of their no-fail bathroom decorating hacks!


Rethink the shower curtain

If your shower curtain just isn’t fulfilling your aesthetic vision for the bathroom, it’s time to swap it out for a new one. In comes our new line of pattern-filled shower curtains! These are available in two sizes: a standard normal (72 inch) length and a standard long (84 inch) length. The curtains feature a button hole top, and all you’ll need to do is add your own liner—easy! 

Pictured here: 72" x 72" Frida Green shower curtain with Powder Pom Pom trim


Hang Some Wallpaper

Take a basic bathroom to the next level by jazzing up your walls. Select a wallcovering that speaks to you and watch the magic unfold. Don’t be afraid to go a bit bold in the bathroom and use a print or pattern that you may not choose for one of your main living spaces. Bathrooms are perfect spots in which to take risks and be vibrant, given that they’re shut off from the rest of the home. And remember, you can always order a wallpaper swatch before you make a commitment to a singular design. 

Pictured here: Daphne Powder wallpaper


Paint, Paint, Paint

A fresh coat of paint never fails to make a major difference in any room of the house. In the bathroom, there are plenty of ways you can make a splash with a favorite color or two. Abigail Braden of August Interiors suggests painting the walls—or even the vanity—to give your bathroom a new lease on life. 

Pictured here: Thatcher Midnight wallpaper


Don't Forget to Accessorize

Just like you wouldn't consider your living room to be complete until you’ve filled the space with small decorative accents, the same goes when it comes to your bathroom. But where should you begin? “I love to add personality into a bathroom through introducing playful artwork, patterned or textured hand towels, and unique small bud vases,” says Regan Romero of Regan Romero Design. Before making any new purchases, you can always shop your home and see what you have tucked away that might shine in the loo. Don’t forget about smaller touches, either. “I love to incorporate aesthetic shampoo and conditioner containers, along with a pretty soap dish on the vanity,” Romero adds. 

Pictured here: Emma Sky wallpaper


Swap Out Builder Grade Fixtures

If the medicine cabinet in your bathroom just isn’t speaking to you or you’re tired of looking at that boring old sconce that doesn’t reflect your style, it’s time to take action! These types of fixtures are easy to remove, after all. And there are so many chic pieces to choose from that will make your bathroom look magazine worthy in no time. “Adding a funky mirror or new lighting can instantly elevate your space,” Romero explains. If you’re a renter, you can still make these types of changes—just be sure to store original pieces somewhere safe so that you can reinstall them prior to moving out.  

Pictured here: Frida Pink wallpaper. Design by Blakely Interior Design


Redo The Floors

Yes, you can change the state of your floors without taking on a renovation project, we promise. It’s all about working with peel-and-stick tile, which is great for homeowners and renters alike. “Peel-and-stick floor tiles have come a long way and are very easy to use and remove,” Braden explains. “Think charcoal gray or a fun pattern instead of builder beige!” 


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