Designers Share Grasscloth Styling Tips

Beige art deco and animal print wallpaper rolls paired with three mint floral wallpaper rolls

Interior designers appreciate the merits of grasscloth wallpapers and are full of ideas for how to style these types of wall coverings. “Grasscloth wallpapers are a fantastic way to add texture and warmth to a space, while still keeping it feeling neutral and calm,” says Ashley Fiocco of Ashley Fiocco Designs. “The tactile texture brings in subtle pattern, regardless of how quiet the print is, and the natural fibers from which it’s handwoven add an organic element to any space.”  

Following the recent launch of our 20 grasscloth wallpaper offerings, we asked pros to weigh in with their design ideas—and they certainly have many! Read on to see how designers would incorporate Pepper’s grasscloths into a room and what accent pieces they consider to be essential.


Install Grasscloth Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Sallie Lord of Grey Hunt Interiors likes to use patterned grasscloth in her projects because “it’s like taking your lovely grasscloth texture and upleveling it.” In addition to covering the walls, Lord likes to add grasscloth paper to the ceiling of a room, too. “These papers pair so well with all kinds of drapery and pillows, whether pulling out an accent color from the pattern or playing with pattern on pattern to tie it all in,” she says. “It’s playful but an elegant way to complete a room or become the starting point of the design.”


Make A Neutral Room Shine

If you want to add some extra special flair to a neutral space, Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design recommends using Emma Sky. “This wallpaper works well with items that embrace both the neutral palette and the decorative weave of the paper,” she explains. Barnard suggests pairing this wallcovering with the Oat Custom Pillow. “It creates an excellent backdrop for other decorative elements of the room, with the natural materials relating to the grasscloth,” she explains. For those who wish to go bolder, Barnard likes the idea of using the Warby Pillow in Navy. “It relates to the painted look of the wallpaper pattern while creating contrast through color and the broader, more abstract shapes of the design,” the designer adds. 

Blue botanical striped wallpaper roll paired with a light brown custom pillow on a white background

Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design offers another idea for a space rooted in neutrals. “Suzy Sand Sisal would be amazing to wrap an entire room with,” she says. “Although the pattern itself is pretty dynamic, the tone on tone colorway makes it a perfect candidate for an elevated, coastal look.” Pair it with the Sage Custom Curtains to really finish things off.

Beige art deco palm sisal wallpaper paired with sage custom curtains hanging on a rod in a white room


Embrace Biophilic Design 

Barnard is a proponent of embracing biophilic design in her work and finds that Suzy Sage is one way to add a natural touch to any room of the home. “It has a subtle green color and textured fibers grounded in nature, contributing to a calm home environment,” Barnard explains. When shopping for curtains to complement this pattern, Barnard envisions opting for the Flour Custom Curtains trimmed with green. And don’t forget to choose a fun trim. “The pom trim is an excellent option for adding texture and playful brightness without detracting from or competing with the wallpaper,” Barnard says.

Sage art deco palm grasscloth wallpaper paired with white custom curtain with green pom pom trim


Go Bold with Alice

If you crave a bit of bold pattern, look no further than Alice. But why stop there? “I’d pair it with even more color and pattern for an exciting, maximalist look,” says Jess Harrell of The Styled Domicile. Last but not least, don’t forget about pillows! “The deep blue Warby Custom Pillow keeps the drama coming and looks great paired with the imaginative pattern on the yellow Daphne Canary Custom Pillow,” Harrell notes. 

Blue ikat grasscloth wallpaper paired with yellow chinoiserie custom pillow on a white background


Embrace Subtlety with Serena

Not everyone is drawn to ultra vibrant hues, and that’s more than ok. Those who prefer a subtle look will want to opt for Serena Pink, Harrell notes. “It has such a lovely pattern and delicate colorway, and it would be perfect in a kid’s room with a fresh and relaxed style.” When it comes to curtains, try the Mauve Velvet Custom Curtain, and elevate the floors of the room with the Emma Sky rug. “It has a beautiful organic design with just the right amount of energy,” Harrell reflects. Of course, pillows are still an essential here, and Harrell likes the idea of grouping together the Hockey Pink Custom Pillow, the Frida Pink Custom Pillow, and the Cosmo Velvet Custom Pillow. 

Mauve velvet custom curtain hanging on a rod in a white room with a blue chair next to pink and burgundy floral grasscloth wallpaper and blue botanical striped oushak rug

Ginger Sky is another excellent, subtle choice. “The small scale pattern and quietness makes it perfect to envelope an entire room with,” Kim says. “I see it in a coastal family room, a guest bedroom or even a ceiling. This would be perfect paired with the Flour Custom Curtains."



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