Designing a Stylish Gender Neutral Nursery

If you’re looking to design a gender neutral nursery prior to your little one’s arrival but just don’t know where to begin, consider this your guide! Below, designers chime in with tips and tricks regarding key Pepper materials, colors, and prints that are absolute winners in gender neutral spaces. Follow their guidance below and your nursery is bound to be a showstopper. 


Skip The Pastels

Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design encourages parting ways with pastels and instead opting for brighter, deeper tones. “It will allow you to bring in many other unexpected accents,” she comments. Why not try Pepper’s Jasper Moss Clay Coated Wallpaper? Morris adds, “The colors are beautiful and unexpected!” 

Colorful bamboo striped wallpaper on an accent wall in a bedroom with 2 windows and 2 white beds styled with white sheets

In particular, green is one of Allison Garrison’s favorite gender neutral nursery colors. The designer behind Allito Spaces shares, “It looks so fresh on its own but also pairs so perfectly with other colors if you want to expand your color palette.” Garrison recommends pairing the Hockney Moss Clay Coated Wallpaper with Snow Custom Curtains, for example. “Add in some pillows in a lush velvet for your rocking chair and you will be well on your way to a fun but non gender specific nursery,” Garrison states.

White custom curtains with moss pom pom trim hanging on window in room with white walls and green chair


Incorporate Natural Elements

Trish Knight, co-founder of Knight Varga Interiors, suggests focusing on weaving natural elements into the nursery. “For example, try furniture pieces in a stained wood finish, grasscloth wallpaper for texture, and natural fabrics for bedding and drapery in neutral tones such as green, cream, or gray,” the designer shares. She also likes Pepper’s Denton Sage and Ginger Moss wallpaper. “It’s scaled small enough to still look good with children's art,” Knight notes. 

Nursery with plaid moss green clay coated wallpaper, a white glider and a wooden crib with a baby sitting up

Erica Thompson of Organize by Design reiterates the importance of texture in a gender neutral nursery and shares a few tips on how to successfully do so. “Bring in texture and natural wood, use woven baskets for storage, create a wood accent wall, and ground the room with a jute rug,” the designer suggests. Garrison agrees, noting, “Don't forget to add lots of texture to make the space cozy for your little babe. You can do this by adding a shaggy rug or an oversized statement stuffy.”

Corner of a green nursery with green floral curtains hanging on 2 windows behind stacked rattan baskets and a stuffed animal giraffe

Design by Erin Sparks  


Use White Bedding and Add Color Through Accent Pieces

Designers agree that white bedding is a go to solution. “I love neutral whites for bedding accented in fun patterns or textures that can easily be swapped out as children grow,” Knight shares. 


But that doesn’t mean a nursery should be devoid of color, and there are so many stylish gender neutral options from which to choose. Knight envisions using Fern Velvet fabric to upholster a bed or small chair. “Pair this with cushions, lampshades, and handmade stuffed toys in patterns like Hockney, Penelope, and Frida,” she suggests. 

Morris likes the idea of weaving Thatcher Midnight into the nursery, noting, “This pattern contains blues, greens, and pinks. Perfect for either gender!”

Nursery with green and blue art deco clay coated wallpaper, a white crib, and a blue and white patterned chair


Embrace an Animal Pattern

Boys and girls alike will appreciate a whimsical animal design in the nursery. “I am in love with Pepper's iconic Frida, with all of its feisty tigers,” says Annie Elliott of Annie Elliott Design. “Curtains in the green colorway against super light blue walls would create the perfect, gender-neutral child's room.”


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