Designing With Red, White, and Blue All Year Long

Close up of blue and pink floral tablecloth styled with pink and red plates and blue and red floral napkins

While we most generally associate the color combination of red, white, and blue with the Fourth of July and all things patriotic, keep in mind that you can most definitely decorate your home with these happy hues all year long. Interior designers are big fans of implementing this color scheme into their own projects. “Red, white, and blue has proven itself to be a timeless and classic color combination,” says Sara Hillery of Sara Hillery Interior Design. “It is a decidedly gender-neutral palette that always feels crisp and fresh.” 

If you’re wondering how to work a fabric like our Eden Blue into your space so that it doesn’t look holiday related, we’re here to help. Below, designers chime in with their go to tips on how to use red, white, and blue throughout the home like a pro. 


Think Beyond the Literal

You may think of the colors red, white, and blue and picture extremely saturated hues. However, why not think outside the box a bit? As Bailey Ward of Bailey Ward Interiors says, “You don't have to use the bold, primary hue of each color. If you are going with a classic bold or navy blue, try using a rusty red or creamy white. If you want to use a bright red, pair it with a lighter warmer blue.” 


Have Fun With Accessories

Red can be a difficult color for some to embrace; it’s loud and vibrant, after all. Consider introducing it into your home in smaller doses. “For those red-adverse or hesitant on the use of red, accessories can really make the space,” Ward explains. “A red lampshade can give instant character to a room.” Nicole Zarr of Nicole Zarr & Associates agrees. “I love a bold navy and white striped paper with a blue and white patterned print and popping the red in either with the lamp or with lampshades,” she says. 

Hillery shares some additional ideas. “In a blue and white kitchen, you can include pops of red to add depth and intrigue to a calming palette through patterned pillows on a banquette and tabletop flowers,” she offers. “For a child’s blue and white bedroom, you can display a nautical flag with a bright red stripe to add excitement in a space designed to celebrate learning and creativity.” 


Spread Hues Throughout the Room

As designers have indicated, not every piece within a room needs to feature red, white, and blue all at once; you can certainly spread these colors out within a space. And don’t forget about a room’s fifth wall—the ceiling—either. “A rich deep navy lacquered library with an updated red white and blue pattern on the upholstery and a navy grasscloth on the ceiling brings drama to a traditional palette of red white and blue,” Zarr says. 


Mix in Pops of Other Hues

Don’t just deck out your space in red, white, and blue and call it a day. “Be sure to mix in varied art and accents in additional colors to add interest to a space,” Hillery suggests. This may mean introducing a green plant, wooden bench, or brass table lamp to the mix, for example.