Styling The Ginger Collection

Our Ginger Collection is equal parts modern and timeless; the checkered pattern is a play on classic gingham and is offered in five colorways: Sand, Sky, Navy, Rose, and Moss. We asked design pros how they would style Ginger wallpaper, fabric, pillows and more—read on for their creative takes!


Try Ginger in a Child's Room

Cristina Lehman of C. Lehman Home finds that Ginger—particularly in Sky and Rose—would look excellent in a child’s space. Cameron Jones of Cameron Jones Interiors agrees. “I especially love the sky blue color for kids rooms,” she says. “Pair it with red, greens or a darker navy for a handsome boy’s room or with lavender or pink for a sweet girl’s space.”

Design by Studio 36 Design

Or Mix Patterns In A Teen's Room

In a teen’s bedroom, try combining Ginger Rose wallpaper with Daphne Powder fabric curtains for a look that’s “sophisticated, but not too serious,” suggests Hope Austin of Hope Austin Interiors.


Dress Up A Neutral or Minimalist Space

Looking to add a bit of flair to a room rooted in neutrals? Try incorporating Ginger in Moss and Sand, Lehman suggests. Jones also appreciates Ginger’s ability to blend well with other designs. “The Ginger Collection is the perfect scale for layering,” she says. “It gives just the right amount of visual interest but also reads really neutral even in color.” 

Mahsa Afsharpour of Saga Interiors expresses similar sentiments. “I would particularly enjoy combining the Ginger Rose wallpaper with neutral tones like beige or gray, as well as cozy textures, like throws, linen drapes and layered bedding, to create a balanced and soothing aesthetic,” she says. 

If you’re working with a room that’s minimalist in nature, the Ginger pattern would also look wonderful in the space, Afsharpour notes. “The combination of traditional preppy elements with modern design will create a unique and inviting atmosphere that is both stylish and comfortable!”

To take this space a step further, Goodson imagines tenting the powder room ceiling in Denton Sky fabric. “Then, I would edge the crown, baseboard and corner seams of the room with a complementary narrow grosgrain tape trim to contrast the soft painterly strokes of the wallpaper, almost like I was framing a painting,” she explains. “Voila, instant magic!” 


Use Ginger To Create A Focal Point

Lastly, Afsharpour also likes the idea of using Ginger to give the eye someplace to settle. “I find the Ginger Collection to be a versatile and eye-catching addition to any space,” she says. “Its graphic patterns can be used to create a focal point in a room, whether it's through accent pillows, curtains, or even the wallpaper.”


Add Pep to a Bathroom

Don’t forget to give your bathroom the VIP treatment, too. “I’ve been dying to use the Frida Green Custom Shower Curtain in my own house,” Austin notes. “The Ginger Moss wallpaper would be so fun in my bathroom paired with a navy vanity and a fun painted mirror!


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