Expert Tips On Styling Emma

Pictured here: Emma Lavender curtain with Snow pom pom trim

Our Emma collection is playful with coastal undertones and is available in a number of colorways: sand, sky, lavender, chartreuse, coral, sage, and lavender! “The Emma Collection provides the perfect antidote to a room in need of some oomph,” says Sheila Kramer of Sheila Kramer Interiors. “Emma has just enough interest to draw you in, but is subtle enough that it won't overwhelm the room.” 

Not sure how to best incorporate Emma into your home? Designers envision the collection being styled a number of different ways; Emma can truly shine in many types of spaces. Below are just a few ideas for working the pattern into your own house. 


Try Emma in an older child's room

Peppy, patterned bedrooms aren’t just for little kids! “I think the Emma Collection would be great to use in an older child’s or teen’s room to give a fun pattern play with beautiful colors,” says Liz Hackett of Liz Hackett Interiors. “It would bring a great addition to mix with other patterns in a bedroom design on pillows, drapery, and wall coverings.” 

Pictured here: Roman shade made out of Emma Sky fabric. Design by Liz Carroll Interiors


Incorporate Emma Into A Beach House

Maybe long winter days have you dreaming of upgrading your vacation home. Consider adding Emma to the mix! “With summer on the brain, Emma in chartreuse would be the perfect selection for a beach house bunk room,” says Elizabeth Edwards of Elizabeth Edwards Interiors. “Repeating the pattern on custom bedding, window treatments, and seating would make for a fun room suitable for all ages.” 

Pictured here: Emma Sky curtain panels. Design by Kristin Chambless 


Jazz Up An Everyday Bookshelf

Maybe your built-ins just aren’t doing it for you anymore and you’re craving a bit of punch. Perhaps a simple upgrade is all you need. “Installing wallpaper on the backs of built-in shelving is a great way to add interest to a room,” Edwards says. “The vertical stripe pattern of the Emma wallpaper is a great option for this. As a lover of all things green, the sage colorway would serve as a happy backdrop for accessories and books.” 

Pictured here: Emma Sage wallpaper


Design A Restaurant Worthy Banquette

Restaurants and bars are always full of design inspiration. Maybe your breakfast nook is in need of a little revamp—in comes Emma! “I love the idea of using Emma in Sky for kitchen banquette seating,” Edwards notes. “Whether it is just on accent pillows or entirely upholstered in the fabric, one could pair other colors such as coral, yellow, or olive green to create a cheerful dining space.” 

Pictured here: Emma Chartreuse pillow piped in Sky and Loomi Moss pillow piped in Sky. Design by Jenkins Interiors


Feeling inspired? Shop the Emma Collection here!