How To Create A Wow-Worthy Entryway

The entryway is your home’s chance to make a solid first impression, so you definitely don’t want to make it an afterthought during the design process! If you’re feeling unsure as to what to incorporate into your entryway to make it shine, you won’t want to miss out on the designer suggestions below. 


Decked Out Walls

Go ahead and make your entryway’s walls talk. “Entrances are first impressions and the perfect place to welcome those who walk in with a hint at the rest of your home,” says Courtney Smith of Courtney B. Smith Design. “I love to swath them in wallpaper or add oversized art.” Don’t forget to address the fifth wall, AKA the ceiling, too. “Consider painting the ceiling a fresh coordinating color instead of white,” offers Laura Zender of Laura Zender Design


Bold Stairs

Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement in the entryway, says Ellen Kastelberg of Ellen Kastelberg Interiors. She suggests painting the banister, stairs, or risers, and incorporating a “durable but fun stair runner for that high traffic area.” Zender agrees that vibrance is never a bad thing in the entryway. “Consider going a bit bolder here to make a splash as guests arrive and move through the space,” she says. 


A Storage Piece

It’s all too easy for the entryway to become filled with clutter. Everyday essentials like hats, mittens, dog leashes, and the like all need somewhere to live, but that doesn’t mean that they should sit out in the open all day long. Kastelberg suggests placing a chest of drawers or console table in the entryway to house such items. Feeling fancy? She’s also a proponent of a table with a skirt. You can even make your own using one of our fun fabrics


A Table Lamp

Dress up your storage piece with a stylish table lamp, which will of course serve a functional purpose but will also enhance your entryway aesthetic. There are so many fabulous table lamps on the market; pick one that showcases your personality!


An Upholstered Bench

Every entryway needs a small seating area; this is always useful when lacing up boots or taking shoes off at the end of the day. Kastelberg suggests opting for a bench with “an interesting fabric or texture.” Consider reupholstering an antique piece with the Pepper fabric of your choosing.


A Rug

You want your entryway to feel cozy, after all! Kastelberg suggests purchasing “a good rug that incorporates the color palette throughout the rest of the home.” Or, if you’re feeling neutral, we’re always partial to a classic jute. However, if your family has an active lifestyle, you may wish to opt for a printed piece. As Smith notes, “Patterned rugs get bonus points for hiding the inevitable dirt that lands near our front doors as we come and go!”


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